Busy, busy, busy


Today started well. I turned on my laptop to find the cursor stuck in the middle of the screen. After rebooting with no success, I resorted to Google on my phone to discover I’d probably clicked the cursor lock button.

It’s taken me half an hour to unlock it and I still don’t know what I pressed.

Man has been in clean out mode this week and posted a load of old xbox 360 games on eBay. He made nearly £50 for the pot. How good is that?

So I have finally got round to having a bit of a clear out myself and this morning I am off to sell all my wordly goods at a car boot sale.

I have a manic weekend ahead.

The to do list:

Car boot sale (now).

Photograph Hoof Fest for a friend of mine (this afternoon).

Birthday tea for my brother (tomorrow afternoon).

Clean and valet car (sometime over weekend)

Find some way of getting two sofas to the dump (sometime over weekend)

Go shopping for brother’s birthday pressie (before tomorrow afternoon)

Clear flower beds (sometime over weekend)

Normal weekend washing/housework etc (notice this is last on the list and the most likely not to get done).

Monday I intend to sit and do nothing.

  1. Monday…sit and do nothing, like that’s going to happen! So are you sitting and doing nothing Dora

  2. Oops, wasn’t done! I wanted to add…I don’t think so. :)

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