A few more musicians … and some musings

You know one thing about singers when you watch them perform … they certainly give it everything.

What ever type of music they are performing, they have this intensity in their performances.

Didn’t get out to take any photos last night (13 hour day at work again and was knackered). Takeaway, tv and bed instead.

So I thought I’d post a couple more shots from the Open Mic Night on Wednesday.

Some of the shots I was quite pleased with (mainly the ones I posted yesterday)  … I hope they do organise more evenings, I’d like to go again.

See… taking it very seriously.

Looking through my shots, it was difficult to find a photo of a singer with their eyes open. Why is that? They are a very serious breed of people!

There was one band (four man) performing on Wednesday. The guitarists and the bongo player kept their eyes open, not the singer. I’ve noticed that a lot. If you are putting everything into your vocal performance, it is necessary to do it in the dark :)


Yay, Kwayzee’s got his eyes open in  this one but only just.

This weekend is going to be pretty busy. Not going up to Man’s (boo) but I have a lot to do.

I have really got to start sorting this house out before we get kicked out next month. Sadly, this is not going well.

Whereas I have cleared a whole one square foot of space by selling a few games and dvds on eBay, gorgeous daughter number 1 has promptly filled up that space an more with the acquisition of two new sofas.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the new sofas are beautiful, way more expensive than we could have afforded and were free from a lovely friend of hers who has bought new ones.

I am grateful … I really am.

BUT, we already had two sofas. So now we have four. And two of them have now been evicted to the garden, which means I am going to have to hire a van and take them to the dump! (The new ones are beautiful though).

So more of a concerted effort is needed on the household crap removal front. The weather is meant to be nice this weekend so I ought to do a car boot sale.

I am also going to take photographs for a big charity event tomorrow. It’s a big deal, called Hoof Fest. I’ll tell you all about it in a different post. AND it is my baby brother’s 40th birthday and that’s pretty special too. Expect pictures and an explanation in a day or two.

See the bongo player does it with his eyes open :)

And he seems to be taking it much less seriously than the vocalists. I’m going to have to do a bit more research at these open mic nights and take a few more pictures. Who has more fun, the vocalist or the musicians?

I could never be a vocalist. Quite apart from the fact that I’m tone deaf and really can’t sing, I don’t think I take life seriously enough.

And it’s a serious business this singing lark :)






1 comment
  1. sue said:

    Deb put the old one on freecycle – make someones day and save the cost and hassle of taking them to the dump

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