Out on a school night!

Open Mic Night

I went out last night. This is not something I often do on a school night because I’m normally just too tired.

My social life amounts to zilch between Tuesday morning and Saturday.

Last night, however, I went to the first Open Mic night organised by a friend of mine in a pub in the village. It was good.

Keiran and Kwayzee

Here he is, belting it out with co organiser Keiran. He’s  not really called Kwayzee (his name’s Neil) and for the life of me, I can’t remember why we all call him Kwayzee but there you go).

Now the first thing I learned is that I seriously need a hot shoe flash gun.

Can’t beat a good bongo.

The light was dreadful, the acts were positioned in front of a window so the flash kept bouncing off and I need a proper flash gun.

Told you his name was Keiran.

The landlord of the pub (Dog and Partridge, Yateley, serves Hobgoblin for anyone interested) wants me to provide some photos for him. I think he’s going to put some sort of display board up for future promotion. So it looks like Kwayzee and his gang might be returning for another session soon.

Liked his hair.

It was an opportunity to take a few different shots and get in a little practice.

I did love the bongo.

I’m not going to comment about what I thought of the musical efforts because, to be honest, I wasn’t really listening. I was looking instead. I must be the only person who hears the words Open Mic Night and doesn’t remotely think about the music.

Let’s go for a bit of arty farty.

Gorgeous daughters numbers one and two were there with a whole host of their friends, although they sat outside and didn’t participate. A couple of people I’ve known for years were also there and there were lots of new faces. In fact it was a pretty decent crowd for the first event and considering it was Hump Day and not the weekend.

I did try to resist the urge to put grainy filters on the pictures  … but I love them, so this one just had to have one.

Desaturated for effect.

Another thing I’ve learned is that when I get home at a reasonable time (bout 10:15pm) and go to bed. I should not, half an hour later, think “I know, I shall just have a very quick look at the photos.”

This is not a good idea. Before I knew it it was gone midnight and I’ve now had about four hours sleep.

Never mind, it was fun. And it seemed very popular so hopefully Kwayzee can make it a regular event and I can get some more practice in.

  1. i bet those pub nights are fun! Now I’ll have to look up what hobgoblin is….I liked the artsy photo and the grainy photo of the hand closeup playing guitar…..

    • Haha … Hobgoblin is a brand of beer, not lager, proper English beer made by a little micro-brewery in Oxfordshire and a particular favourite of Man’s. And it has wonderful labels on it’s beer with goblins and wizards :)

    • Haha, I like a good game … thanks Ms Nine :)

  2. Well as always Dory your words made me feel like I was right there with you stroking the vibs with the view from your eyes and your camera. Sounds fun. The guitar photographs are works of art. Just answer me one question. How come going to a “pub” for music and brew seems to sound like so much more fun than an american version of hanging out in a bar?

    • Thanks Penny … English pubs are a thing of their own, not quite like the bars in other countries. You’ll have to come over and try them some time :)

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