Opening my eyes

Tuk tuk that is a long way from home.

On Sunday Man and I wandered around Nottingham. We’ve done this many times before.

The creative writing book that I’m working through tells me to look around me wherever I am, and I thought that was something I was reasonably good at, but Sunday I made more of a concerted effort and saw things I had never seen before.

Like this restaurant with the tuk tuk sticking out of the side.

I have been past this place, tucked into a little side street, many many times before and never even noticed it.

And this is Nottingham’s very own bridge of sighs. It is just off Market Square and I can’t count the number of times I have been around this area and never, ever spotted it before.

I need to try and be a little more observant, wander for the sake of wandering and not just because I have somewhere to go.

It’s weird trying to rediscover a creative side. I know it’s there somewhere, it’s just a matter of finding it. And how I then turn that into a way of Man and I earning money to support ourselves is still a bit of a mystery.

At the moment we are both just dipping our toes in the water to see what happens.

Eventually, I hope, we will be able to earn our living taking photographs and writing.

Man spotted this one, I was too busy looking to see if any cars were coming before I crossed the road.

I love it! It’s so angry and the words are such a contradiction and it’s a traffic bollard.

I am actually a big fan of graffiti/street art, whatever you want to call it. I think it’s colourful and vibrant and alive. And it’s often in the areas of a city/town that are ugly and grey and could do with livening up.

Now I am not saying ‘yeah, let’s go and vandalise every building we can find’ and I would not want to see graffiti on beautiful historic buildings but mostly I have found that your talented graffiti artist is quite discerning about where he/she applies his art.

And this traffic bollard is fun (at least I think so).


Look up

As is this. You have to admit it brightens up a building that really doesn’t have a lot else going for it.

I only saw this because I was sitting on the upper deck of a double decker bus and that gave me an idea too. It would be fun to spend a couple of hours riding round the city on the top of a bus taking pictures. You’d have to find a clean bus so you don’t picture the muck on the windows but it does give you a completely different perspective on the world.

I thought this was a bit sad.

Happy hour at Murphy’s bar (although it appeared to last for four times the normal 60 minutes in your average hour!) is well and truly over and the place is now boarded up.

I think boarded up shops look miserable and there are far too many of them about at the moment.

It makes an area look run down and decaying, old and worn out. Sadly they are a sign of the times.

It’s raining again

My attempts at taking photos through from the double decker bus were thwarted when the downpour started. I thought I’d take a couple of shots to see what they turned out like.

I quite liked this one.


  1. I completely agree with the sentiment Dory, a bit of time really looking often produces a reward. A blog I follow is ; their about page sums it up for me and inspired me to try to improve my photography by looking for more photo opportunities in unpromising locations.

    PS I really like the rainy day bus photo. It’s probably my favourite photo you’ve posted.

    • Wow, that’s a great site, thanks James, am following too now :)

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