More Matchstick Men

Nottingham Castle

Had a trip around Nottingham Castle on Sunday and found our second Lowry in two days.

Nottingham Castle doesn’t really look like a castle. It looks more like a stately home on a hill.

According to the museum in the castle, it used to look much more like a castle before it was burnt down. But then Nottingham used to be called Snottingham and its residents called Snottingas! I liked that :). It’s got quite an art collection, including the Lowry.

Robin du bois (literally)

Obviously, Robin Hood features heavily at the castle. There was a topiary Maid Marion there last time I visited as well, but we couldn’t find it on Sunday. Gorgeous daughters numbers one and two call Man Robin (no, it’s not his name) because he comes from Nottingham. It confused my parents for a while, I’m sure they thought I was seeing two different men at the same time.

Views over Snottingham

There are some gorgeous views from the top of the castle though, you can see Snottingham in every direction.

Above the white building just off centre you can just about make out Greens Windmill. It’s now a little science museum and it’s absolutely lovely. You get great views from there as well. George Green was a scientist and mathematician who is now commemorated in the Science Corner in Westminster Abbey. Legend has it that Einstein was so impressed by him that he wanted to go and visit him … but he couldn’t work out the bus timetables and missed the bus!

The other direction..

This looks out in the other direction. You can see Radcliffe on Soar power station in the distance.

The oldest pub in the country.

We rounded off our historical tour of Snottingham with a visit to the pub. Not just any pub you understand, but the oldest pub in the country.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem nests beneath the castle walls and is set into the rocks. Part of the bar is actually a cave. It is very cool.

It is believed to have opened in 1189. I bet there have been loads of interesting conversations had in there over the years.

Sadly though, they only served Gordon’s gin and not Bombay Sapphire and they dared to put lemon in my gin and tonic and not lime. To compound this error, they also gave me slimline tonic! This was not what I had in mind.

Two margheritas on Saturday and a sub-standard gin and tonic on Sunday. I think that’s the most alcohol I’ve had for months! How decadent.





    • LS Lowry was a famous English painter who painted scenes of industrial towns. There was a song about him called Matchstick Men and Matchstick cats and dogs cos his people looked like Matchstick men :) I love his pictures. Have a look at

      • nikkix2 said:

        ohhhh,,now I get it,,lol. I thought it was a type of truck haha. Thanks Dory

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