In honour of the Olympics, I ran

Leicester Station (taken by Man)

Actually, it wasn’t in honour of the Olympics, it was because when we got to Nottingham Station on Saturday our train to Leicester was already sitting on the platform and we had less than a minute to board or half an hour wait for the next one.

So Man and I ran (well jogged at a pace only marginally faster than walking) to catch the train. Then we sat and huffed and puffed for 15 minutes till we got our breath back. So unfit, really must try harder.

We went to Leicester specifically for the Caribbean Carnival but we did other stuff as well.

Whenever we go out, which is pretty much every time we spend time together, we have a habit of wandering around aimlessly just looking at a new place.

Man has become pretty good at spotting stuff that I would probably want to photograph and also good and coming up with interesting activities and destinations.

For me, variety really is the spice of life. I’m one of those people who wants to see/touch/taste/experience/hear/smell/photograph everything I possibly can. And it doesn’t really matter whether or not I like it, it just needs to be checked off the list.

Whatever we end up doing, I always have fun mainly because spending time with Man is fun. One day I decided to cook trout because neither of us had ever tried it. it was disgusting, we won’t do it again, but we know that now and we still laugh about the disastrous trout meal.

Top Hat Terrace

So, back to Leicester, we watched the procession, ate a goat and then wandered around to see what else we could find.

Always look up when you’re wandering around, you never know what you might see.

We found Top Hat Terrace. Now I thought this was very cool. What a great address to have. I don’t know who the guy in the top hat is, but he looks very fierce.

Then we discovered a lovely winding footpath from the park to the city centre called New Walk.

Lovely street furniture, iron lamposts, big park benches and iron archways.


The girl with orange hair.

And I found a girl with orange hair and a clashing pink flower in it.

I liked the colour of her hair. I love different hair colour. Not so many years ago I bleached clumps of mine (my hair is very dark) and each week I would dye the bleached bits red or blue or green or pink. I loved it, my mother thought I was having a mid-life crisis, probably because it was about the same time as I had a tattoo on my ankle.

Allegedly the tattoo is the Buddhist symbol for the year of my birth but, let’s face it, it could say chicken fried rice and I wouldn’t know any better.

I like it anyway and I have never regretted having it done.

Back to Leicester and New Walk turned out to have a lovely museum (the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery). We found a Lowry. I love Lowry. And the gallery had a fabulous sprung floor and amazing lighting.

The museum had loads of interactive stuff, sections on Egypt and the natural world and it was completely free. Sadly it was also sub-tropical and we had to leave before we passed out. Air conditioning isn’t always necessary but don’t try and boil your visitors, they don’t like it.

My new home?

This place was opposite the museum. How beautiful is this? I think I could live here quite happily. We wouldn’t have to pay any heating bills, we could just pop across to the museum if we were cold.

And a contrast.

And here is some contrasting architecture. I quite like this too, although maybe not to live in.

We didn’t actually get to the city centre in the end. But what I saw of Leicester was great. I would love to return some time and see some more.

There was no running on the way home (you can have too much of a good thing you know).

We took a leisurely stroll back to the station and then stopped off for a couple of Margheritas in Nottingham on the way home.

Very civilized :)


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