Carnival and curried goat

My favourite from yesterday.

I think this is my favourite photograph from the Caribbean Carnival in Leicester yesterday.

It was such fun. So colourful and vibrant and it gave me a chance to take photos of people, which isn’t something I usually do.

Left the car at home yesterday and got the bus into Nottingham and then the train to Leicester. It didn’t take very long, about 35 mins on the train.

They were just closing the city centre roads as we got there (so glad we didn’t drive) so we wandered up towards Victoria Park where the parade was due to start and finish.

The king of the carnival.

The first person we came across was this guy, standing on the opposite side of  road videoing himself with a camera on a tripod.

“Can I take your photo?” I asked.

“What’s it for?” he said.

I told him it was for my blog and he agreed but said I had to take his picture on camera. So I did. We started walking off but he’d forgotten to turn his camera on so he called us back and I had to take his picture again :)

There were not as many people on the streets as we thought there would be so we perched ourselves on a traffic island in the middle of the road so we could get a great view of the procession as it came around the corner.

Let’s dance.

It was fabulous, so colourful. The costumes were spectacular and there were people of all ages, shapes, sizes, creeds and colours taking part. Man, going to the carnival was yet another brilliant idea.

Along the streets kids were blowing whistles and those vuvuzela things ( a lot of parents are going to regret purchasing those today) and there was music from the vans in the processions. I’m not a big fan of lots of noise but this was good noise, the noise of loads of people having fun.

Carnival with attitude.

The creative writing course I am reading/doing says often that you need to open your eyes and your ears for anything interesting/different when you are walking around and write it down for future reference.

I should do this, because I do forget things, but most times I have a camera in one hand. If I have a notebook in the other, how do I hold the pen to write?

Anyway, a group of four lads – late teens, I’d guess – walked past us at one point.

“I’ve spewed there,” one said pointing over a low wall. And there followed a discussion about places they had vomited. Really?? Is this all groups of young people have to talk about? Maybe they could write a blog “The best places to throw up in Leicester” !! I was amused. And thought that was the sort of thing I ought to be writing down in my little notebook.

Back to the procession and there was loads of it. It wound its way down the hill into the city centre. Hours later, after we’d been to see what was happening at Victoria Park, we heard it coming back again. If the participants had been dancing all the way around, they must have been exhausted!

The flavour of the Caribbean.

At Victoria Park they had live music on stage, loads of stalls and loads of food outlets. Organisers searched our bags on the way in for alcohol. The first stall we came across once we got in was a bar! They weren’t saying you couldn’t drink, just that you had to pay the stall’s exorbitant bar prices.

But I didn’t want to drink, I wanted to eat… and I wanted to eat something traditional.

A friend had recommended curried goat so that’s what we tried, with rice and peas (that turned out to be more like kidney beans). It was absolutely delicious and it had a bit of a kick to it (I suppose being goat, it would have hehehe).

I posted this photo on my Facebook page yesterday. Gorgeous daughter number 2 posted “I presume this is it AFTER you’ve eaten it”! I don’t think she was very impressed :)

Randomly, it was served with coleslaw, which was a bit bizarre.

I dropped some of it down my cream-colured top. It made a mess, I am such a messy eater. But as I had already put my fingers through said top and created a two inch hole and then went on to drip strawberry sauce from my ice cream down it, I wasn’t overly bothered. Top is now in the bin!


It rained occasionally, but not much, certainly not enough to put a damper on the event. And we had such a fabulous time.

We did other things while we were in Leicester too but that’s highly likely to be another story …





  1. nikkix2 said:

    So beautiful bright colours! Haha,,,your daughter’s comment is exactly something one of my girls would of said!

  2. Beautiful shots. Nice prose to go with them.

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