Motorway madness

Stuck on the M1

Drove up to Man’s yesterday. It’s averagely a two and a half hour journey.

Yesterday it took me twice that.

The motorways in our country are, often, a little overcrowded.

Now I like to drive fast. I am not in any way, shape or form a timid driver. I love driving and I love the open road. But, honestly, you see such idiots on the motorways. People weaving in and out of lanes, cutting people up, driving as if they are trying to see the contents of the car in front’s boot.

And then people crash.

Yesterday I got stuck on the M25 because of an accident and then I got stuck on the M1. Thankfully, it did not appear that any people were injured in these crashes, only their vehicles.

Got stuck on the M1 for ages. So long that people got out of their cars and I went to the boot and got my camera. Notice I’ve blanked out the number plate of the car in front of me on the right, that’s an old journalistic habit lol. I did it before I even realised (auto pilot kicks in).

I had a nice chat to the woman in the car in the next lane. She had also got stuck on the M25 as well. She was driving from Twickenham (coincidentally where my dad was born and brought up) to Sheffield.

Today Man and I are off to experience the Caribbean… at least we are heading to Leicester for the annual Caribbean carnival. Am hoping to get lots of colourful pictures (guess what tomorrow’s post will be about!)

And, because I expect the city to be packed for the occasion and I had enough of driving in heavy traffic yesterday, we thought we’d go by train.

  1. Carrie said:

    Hallo dori, did this all happen in England?
    Because I live in Germany and on the same day on the same motorways there where two huge traffic jams ! I also got out, made pic and filmed :)

    • Yes Carrie, this was in England. That’s a coincidence that you were also caught in a traffic jam, and that you took pictures too :) our roads are very busy.

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