Overslept aaarrghh!

Another insect on a leaf :)

I’m running late! I set the wrong alarm last night and overslept.

Yesterday morning I was so excited I woke up before the alarm went off at 4.45am and so I turned it off.This is always a mistake because it means I have to remember to turn it on again before I go to sleep and I turned on the wrong one (I have several set in my phone for different occasions).

So I leisurely open my eyes and discover it’s 5.15am aaarghh. But I’m not missing my morning post because that is the start of a slippery slope.

Was very busy yesterday and didn’t get home from work until 8pm. Consequently, no photographic escapades. I did, however, do the next one of the writing exercises in the Creative Writing book.

I wrote for five minutes on each of the following subjects: garden furniture, Marilyn Monroe, the earth’s core, eagles and fireworks. The subjects were given to me, I didn’t choose them.

It was an interesting exercise and I found myself speed writing because I had set the timer.

Want to see what I wrote about eagles? No? well skip over the next few lines because I’m posting it anyway :)

 An eagle soars above my head

Silhouetted against an azure sky

Majestic in its flight

High above the mountainside

Above the trees, the fields, the earth

With little effort I can see

I envy its freedom

As it circles below the clouds

A king of birds, surveying

A vast wide kingdom far below

Its beady eyes searching

Before it dives with such power

Native Americans revered this bird

It’s easy to see why they would

Such aloofness and  control

Everything else seems insignificant

Bizarrely it ended up as a five-minute poem. The others were all prose. Interesting.

I found something else I quite fancy doing too. Pulling this stuff up.

There was a load of it on my walk the other day and I thought it looked out of place.

Then I realised what it was – Himalayan Balsam. A foreigner to our countryside that is spreading like wildflower.

A little bit further along the path (after I had jogged behind the very fit old lady while she spoke to me) I also found this sign on a fence post.

It is urging me to pull up the Himalayan Balsam. I didn’t at the time and now I feel as if I was lazy.

I feel I need to go back and remove the plant as the notice requested. I will then feel I have done something useful for the countryside environment I so enjoy exploring.

Perhaps I should do that after work. And talking about work – that’s where I ought to be headed.

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  1. Honestly, I’ve got the Himilayan plant growing in a flower bed here (Ontario, Canada)….I call it himilayan orchid..started from one plant and seeds pop and away it spreads..only in my yard though…lady in another village gave me one little plant years ago, i get rid of alot of it in the spring but then it still has enough plants to fill a flower bed beside my house…gets as tall as the roof of my bungalow….

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