Woo hoo, we have success :)

They don’t need this one, but other places did like it

Oh good grief, I am so excited :)

We have had our first few photographs accepted by a stock photo agency.

Woo hoo, yay, Go Us!!

Man was right, try and few more. So I did and SUCCESS. Woo hoo.

And I say we because this time I submitted one of Man’s pictures (he did say I could).

And when the emails came through last night, of the five pictures I submitted, two of mine and one of Man’s had been accepted and are now available on the site for sale. Yay.


Won’t be able to use this one because it was taken on English Heritage property.

And, the best thing is there was nothing wrong with the quality of the other two. They were turned down as ‘images we don’t currently need’ either because they already have similar images or because they don’t think the subject is currently marketable. The poppy was one they don’t need but the first agency has said this is one it would accept.

Woo hoo, we are on our way.

You know less than three months ago I had this little germ of an idea as I was driving down the motorway from Man’s about us working together and working for ourselves.

I wondered whether it was a pie in the sky plan but thought if you don’t try, you will never know.

And this tiniest bit of success has really spurred me on. We could actually do this and live our little dream if we put our minds too it.

Woo hoo (are you getting that I’m quite excited??)

The other thing is that this particular agency actually has a list of photographs it is currently looking for. How amazingly useful. Guess what we are going to be doing at the weekend!


The other amazing thing that happened yesterday is that I showed my friend who is setting up her cake shop the photographs I had taken of the cakes at the weekend and she absolutely loved them.

She wants me to take photos when she is commissioned to make wedding cakes. More yaying and woo hooing.

What a great day yesterday turned out to be.

So, bouyed up by two lots of good news, I began last night to work through a book I have had for ages and never done anything with.

It is called The Creative Writing Coursebook and it is one big lesson in creative writing from the team at the University of East Anglia.

In an ideal world, and I know world’s aren’t always ideal, I would like to earn my living from a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Some photography, some writing – fact and fiction – and some design. I like variety and I hate to be bored :)

So that is the next challenge.

The very first thing it says is write every day, read every day. Well I’m certainly writing every day now with this blog  (I am conveniently forgetting Saturday morning after my late night at the airport). And I read every day too. Now I’m going to either read some more chapters or do some of the exercises in this book every day too.

I know having these photos accepted is a very, very small step but it is a very, very small step in the right direction and it is something Man and I can do together.

Did I tell you that I’m really very excited? Woo hoo :)

  1. nikkix2 said:

    Woohoo (fist punch in the air)!! Well done my friend,,,keep it up!

  2. Such excitement registered in your writing! Love the ideal life you mentioned! Go for it!! ( Now get more packing done)

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