What I have learned/achieved this week (week nine)

Yesterday I should have been out and about snapping away, getting shots for my portfolio etc etc, instead I watched the Olympics. Oh, come on, it’s once every four years :)

I used to do a lot of sport, the most energetic thing I do now is walking with my camera. But I do like to watch the Olympics. I’m not so keen on the fighting sports, so I tend to give judo and boxing a miss.

Other than that I will watch everything from the archery and shooting to beach volleyball.

Yesterday I enjoyed the cross country of the three day eventing, the men’s 10m synchro diving and the men’s team gymnastics was just amazing (Go Team GB, bronze was an incredible achievement).

On Sunday gorgeous daughter number 2 and I were watching the dressage. I don’t think she got it. Mid way through she asked me when they were going to start racing! She’s very funny sometimes.

Last night I took both gorgeous daughters and both boyfriends out to dinner. It was fun.

We were celebrating gorgeous D1’s new job. She is now working with gorgeous D2 for a small American software distribution company. She’d had a fun day. It’s only small, seven people, and one of her best friends works there too.

On the way home there was a spontaneous sing-song in the car. Trouble was, they all sang different things at the same time. What a row :)

Because of my idleness, the pictures I am posting today are ones I took on Sunday on my scary walk.

But I did do some constructive stuff so here are the things I have learned or achieved this week. This time I am going to start with …

The negatives:

  • We haven’t found anywhere to live yet.
  • My submission to the stock photo agency was turned down again.

A flower in my garden that I haven’t managed to kill :) 

  • I have a huge amount of cleaning/sorting/tidying etc etc to do before we leave this house.
  • I am back at work today so I can’t sit around idly watching the Olympics.
  • It is autumnal again today!

The positives:

  • Gorgeous daughter number one and boyfriend returned from Egypt having had a fantastic holiday (this is a positive despite me having to collect them from Gatwick at 2.30AM Saturday morning.
  • I’m not actually that worried about the whole homelessness thing at the moment (give me a few weeks and I probably will be getting a bit panicky).
  • The great clear out has begun. Yesterday I took a big box and a bag of books to the charity shop and took the first lot of rubbish to the communal tip. I intend to be harsh. This is a chance for a really good clean out of rubbish.
  • I have posted several DVDs and books on eBay. The books are more specialised ones, ones I used for my Open University course. General fiction is going to the charity shop. But any money I make will go into the Pot.
  • The Pot, incidentally, got another donation of free money yesterday in interest from the bank – and entire 39p after tax. Woo hoo. Donations from the bank, however small, are always welcome :)
  • I took Man’s advice and sent submissions to two other photo agencies yesterday (while I was sitting watching the Olympics). One only wanted four sample photos, one wanted five. Let’s see how I get on.
  • I learned quite a lot about submissions and about copyright yesterday and I also emailed the press manager for Visit Britain to see if they accept freelance submissions for their image gallery. She hasn’t replied yet.

Tree hugging! Well, it looks as though the trees are hugging to me :)

  • I have my first commission (ish). I am going to photograph a friend’s new shop and the cakes and sandwiches she is going to sell and design some flyers and business cards for her. It will give me a chance to add something to my portfolio and I might get paid in cakes – yay.
  • I have done a fair amount of walking, although probably not as much as I should have done.
  • I get to see Man on Friday.
  • And the biggest achievement… (drum roll please). I have now topped the 100 mark for followers of my blog. Thank you, thank you lovely people. I am most appreciative and extremely flattered.
  • And my lovely blogging friend Penny at The Why About This has nominated me for another award. Thank you so much. I shall respond very soon, I promise.

Yes folks, it looks like it has been another good week. I shall keep plodding on until I reach my goals. And I know the steps I’m taking are small at the moment, but they are at least heading in the right direction.

Onwards and upwards.



  1. “If you are facing in the right direction, all you need to do is keep on walking”. :)

    • Exactly so … and it doesn’t even matter how small the steps are :)

  2. Yes. Always focus on your accomplishments. You need them to move forward.

  3. Thanks, I am certainly trying to … I try to adopt a ‘glass is always half full’ attitude

  4. Great post, I feel like I’m right there with you in a “gee she has a lot going on but get’s thru the day” creatively and in an upbeat fun sort of way! :)

    • Thanks :) Most people just think I’m crazy or, if they put it politely ‘a little eccentric’ lol (and actually, I quite like that :) )

      • Me too :)

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