Cooking up a treat

I have a commission, my first!

At least I have persuaded someone to give me a go just so I can add something to my portfolio, which is almost the same.

A colleague and friend has bought the lease of a shop to celebrate her 50th birthday.

She makes the most amazing cakes and is midway through turning her little shop into a sandwich and cake shop.

I have said I will photograph the shop and her cakes and design some leaflet flyers for her, along with some business cards (I wonder if she wants a website done as well – I can but ask).

There may or may not be a small amount of payment involved (maybe she will pay me in cakes) but either way it will give me some experience and something to add to my portfolio.

So yesterday I thought I’d better practice taking some pictures of cakes.

Gorgeous daughter number two had bought a job lot of Danish pastries from the cash and carry so I borrowed those.

I also ‘borrowed’ some of her cake decorating stuff and her cake stands and made up a very hurried batch of raspberry cupcakes (don’t look at the cakes too closely, they are slightly singed – but they were thrown together for photographic purposes only lol).

So these are a couple of shots I came up with.

On the plus side, the cakes didn’t try and get away like the birds, butterflies and dragonflies do, on the downside, It took a while to get the lighting as I wanted it (and I’m still not sure it’s correct now).

Oh well, just have to keep making cakes until I get it right lol.

I don’t have a problem when it comes down to the leaflet design. I know it’s not the same as newspaper design, but I do at least have extensive experience in that.

As long as I can get the photographs right, it will all be fine.

More good news is that I won on the Euro Millions Lottery on Friday night.

However, I don’t think my £2.80 is going to buy me very much. Still, into the Pot it goes. Look after the pennies and the pounds will start looking after themselves as they say.

We have already started accumulating free money from the bank, in the form of interest. Last month it amounted to a whole 20pence (but that was after they had deducted five pence tax!). It is better than NOT receiving a free 20pence is the way I look at it.





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  1. I would suggest photographing a hot mug or cup of tea (coffee) with some of the cakes…on blue willow china or whatever you might have…the retro, home style look….old style linens might add a touch or a touch of nature (leaves, berries, flowers etc)…food stylists sometimes add gloss ( what do they use I wonder…olive oil?) to make things look even better…..maybe your friend could have a discount printed on the leaflet etc…best wishes to you both

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