One of life’s little mysteries

How on earth did whoever created this get it here?

Now this, perhaps, is not my usual style of photograph, but I like a good mystery and I found this very  mysterious.

This is a photograph of quite a large poo on the top of a fence post.

It sparked my curiosity.

Now, for something to produce an object of this size, it must be a sizeable beast itself – we are not talking mouse here. So my question is, how on earth did it balance on this fence post, which must have been around four feet high?

I don’t think it can have been produced by a bird, unless it has precision bombing capabilities, nor do I think it could have been produced by anything that could have scampered up the fence post, because anything small enough to do that could not possibly have produced something that big.

So, what on earth produced it? And why did it feel the need to balance on top of a fence post to relieve itself?

It’s one of life’s little mysteries and it reminded me of a book that completely delighted gorgeous daughters number one and two when they were little.

A very good friend who used to work in a bookshop came across it pre-published and sent me a copy.

It was called The Story of the Little Mole who knew it was None of his Business.

It is about a Mole who wakes up with some droppings on his head and sets out on a search for the culprit. It may not sound it, but it is very educational, no honestly it is.

And, obviously, it is very amusing for those who aren’t easily offended.

  1. Animals that hold territories and communicate by scent will often defaecate in prominent positions as a territorial marker. What animal, why it considered the top of a fence post as suitable and how on earth it managed the necessary gymnastics is totally beyond me. But life would be so dull if we weren’t baffled from time to time. Mysteries are good even when unsolved.

  2. ha ha! Now that is a funny thing….makes me think of the racoons who pooed on my roof and I had to wash it down with a power washer. My bungalow (litke a small cottage) is on a walkway and all the neighbours commented on the big pile on the slant of my roof as they sauntered by….

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