In search of flying things

Dandelion spores caught on a thistle.

Yesterday was the first day for eight weeks that I didn’t publish a post.

Now I’m quite disappointed with myself about that because posting every day has become a bit of a discipline thing for me.

You see rather than attempting to bore you all senseless, what I am actually trying to do here is to get myself into the habit of doing something other than work every day. I am very good at hitting deadlines at work because I have to, it’s my job.

I am far less disciplined in every other aspect of my life and, if Man and I are going to work for ourselves anytime soon, I have to be able to put some structure to my otherwise chaotic and haphazard life outside work. We will never get anywhere if I don’t.

I have a reasonable excuse for not posting :) (but I have always been good at excuses).

The first flying thing (check the title of this post) I was in search of was the plane gorgeous daughter number one and her boyfriend were coming home from Egypt on.

It was due in to Gatwick (good job she finally told me because I was all set to head to Heathrow) at 00.45 on Saturday morning.

I’m not good at late nights, my alarm is set for 04.45 every weekday so I tend to be in bed by 22.00.

But the opening ceremony of the Olympics was on, which, incidentally, I thought was absolutely brilliant, quintessentially British and great fun, so that kept me entertained most of the evening.

Sadly her flight was delayed. I kept looking at the live arrival times on the internet and it kept saying the flight was due at 03.00.

That is until I checked at 01.50 and it suddenly told me it was due in at 01.53!!!

Oooops. So I jumped in the car and headed round the motorways and got to Gatwick just as they were coming out of the airport. How’s that for timing?

Consequently, by the time we got home again, I didn’t get to bed until 03.45 and then slept until 11.30!! This is unheard of.

Both gorgeous daughters and one boyfriend were up before me. In fact one of them had been up, gone and done the food shopping and was midway through baking cupcakes when I finally surfaced. What a waste of a day.

We spent a couple of hours looking through the photos they had taken. Gorgeous daughter’s boyfriend had bought an underwater camera before they went and they spent much of their time snorkeling. Some of the photos were amazing, it looked like such fun.

And they regaled us with tales about mad albino children leading camels and trying to bite daughter (she is prone to exageration) and her upsetting the leader of the quadbike expedition by not paying attention so when he stopped, she didn’t and ran straight into him! It’s nice to have them home :)

So I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even get dressed until after 13.00 and spent the rest of the day completely disorientated.

I did manage to get out with my camera. But I was right, it is not nearly so much fun without Man because there is no one to talk to AND it meant I had to carry my own camera bag!!!

This is something I am always quite prepared to do but Man insists on doing it for me and who am I to argue?

It’s not heavy and it’s a very neatly designed back pack so it’s easy to carry but, Man is right, it does make your back sweaty when it’s warm.

So I wandered along the Blackwater Valley route where the counties of Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey come together, hunting butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies.

I had limited success.

Also, because there was no spare pair of eyes and mine were looking down a telephoto lens, I ran into a couple of problems.

I was attempting to photograph butterflies when I moved the camera slightly and came face to face with this.

Get out of my field!

He’d been miles away when I first started chasing the butterfly!

He wasn’t too pleased about me being in his field … and he had horns and was a damn sight bigger than me, so I moved (reasonably quickly if I am honest!).

You see, Man would have seen him coming and warned me in advance.

I changed locations. Still stuck with the route along the river Blackwater but a few miles further on, over the border into Berkshire.

I hoped I would be able to find some dragonflies.

Again, limited success. The pictures of butterflies and the damselfly above were taken there.

As I was perched on a bridge a little old lady came marching along and started talking to me. We headed off in the same direction and she was still chatting away.

Trouble was dear old grandma was on some sort of route march and I could barely keep up. But she was still talking to me so I felt I had to. I huffed and puffed to keep up with her for about half a mile when I gave up and went back to what I was doing. If she carried on at the same pace, she’s probably in Scotland by now and she’s probably still talking to me.

My final surprise was when I stopped to take a picture of this guy on the fence.

There I was in the peace and quiet, clicking away merrily, when a  large brown dog, who had obviously taken a dislike to me attempted to jump over the fence, barking loudly.

My beautiful subject flew away and I nearly died of a heart attack.

I had been so wrapped up with taking pictures I hadn’t seen or heard him, his fellow pooch or his two owners coming.

I gave up and went home at that point.

Elsewhere in Dory’s World, I did finally upload my second submission to the stockphoto agency last night. Should find out how I got on by the end of the week I think. And I posted a batch of DVDs for sale on eBay. The clear out of unnecessary rubbish has begun.

This morning I’m back in my proper time zone and the sun is shining.

All is good.




  1. Hi Dory. You did OK with the photos, I would be satisfied with getting a single in focus shot of a flying insect on a photo shoot (I often don’t always succeed in getting just one!)
    Good luck with the clear out. We’ve lived in the same house for nearly thirty years and have accumulated so much junk (sorry, useful / valuable / sentimental items temporarily not in use) that it amazes me. We’re having extra insulation installed in our roof space tomorrow so have had to clear it out in advance. There were boxes and boxes of stuff; enough to keep us on eBay and car boot sales for a year. Frightening prospect; I hate the hassle of selling stuff.

  2. Well written blog…fun stuff about the old girl marching along with you …I can just picture it! Glad your family made it safely back from their adventures.

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