Boo, rejected … again!

Well, my latest submission to the stock photo agency has been rejected … again!

I now have to wait until the end of August before I can submit again.


Here are the rejected photos.

The first four were rejected because the focus was not in the correct place, or they were not properly focused.

The final one was rejected because they didn’t like the lighting. I thought it was arty lol, obviously not.

The good news is they didn’t take long to make a decision – I only submitted them last night – and five of the photos would have been ok, so I am improving slowly.

So I called Man to let him know and he came up with a brilliant idea. Find more stockphoto agencies and make submissions to them.

This means I don’t have to wait until the end of August to make another submission. And each time I am rejected I learn something else.

I have so many photos to go through, I can make submissions to different agencies until I actually get it right.

This is why I love Man, he has brilliant ideas sometime :)

And I can handle rejection.

Let’s face it, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy and after only my second submission, I am half way there :)

Onwards and upwards.




  1. Stephen King had a wall full of rejection slips so don’t lose hope. Do as your man suggests and make those submissions. You’ll get there. You take beautiful photographs. :)

  2. Those are beautiful and clever, someone is viewing with eyes wide closed! Man is right on! So are you!

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