Taking it easy on Friday

Reflections on the weir.

You know, if I didn’t have a grand plan of Man and I working for ourselves, this wouldn’t actually be a bad place to work :)

The location is certainly lovely.

I work in an old, converted Mill building. It is surrounded on three sides by water with a break away flow of river coming down the side of the building (where a water wheel used to go, I presume) and a gully flowing under reception.

Where the river splits at the front of the building.

This is where the river splits at the front of the building. I don’t know who the boat belongs to. It appeared there a couple of days ago … I quite fancy trying it out one lunchtime.

At the back there is a little island formed by the breakaway bit of the river. There is a weir under our building and another one on the main flow of the river.

It’s a lovely place to sit at lunchtime (if you get one of those, which most people in my department don’t because we are always so busy).

The weir.


As with most places, though, I prefer it first thing in the morning, before anyone else has arrived and while the light is prettier.

It’s a good place for wildlife. So far this week, I’ve captured a bank vole and a crayfish (photographically of course).

The resident heron is too shy and hides whenever I get my camera out. As does the family of moorhens.

We have geese though, and ducks and swans.

All in all a pretty good location for an office but it is claustrophobically hot, all year round, but especially in the last week.

In an ideal world, I would take a six hour break in the middle of the day. But I can’t. I tend to work from 7am to 7pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and this week the heat has meant I am just too drained to do anything else when I get home from work (it’s about a half hour drive each way).

Today I am working but I thought I’d go in a bit later. Will probably get to work for 9.30am once the rush hour has gone (I’m supposedly contracted to do 37.5 hours a week and I usually do those in three days, so getting in a bit late this morning won’t matter).

This weekend I am not going to Man’s (boo). I have to collect daughter number one and her boyf from the airport at some ungodly hour of tomorrow morning. I am hoping between now and then she might text me some clue about her flight – it would be good, for example, to know which airport she is landing at!

Heading downstream … so peaceful (apart from the A3 flyover which is behind the trees to the right!)

The rest of the weekend (and I get three days) is going to be geared towards getting back on track with the plan.

I set myself a challenge of writing 20 lines of creative writing a day. In the first week of this challenge, I think I have achieved this only three times.

I have my second submission to the stock photo agency to submit. I shall do that tomorrow.

There are photographs to take (although I prefer the company of Man when I am doing this).

I need to study the books that I have bought and start working properly on my hub pages and try and generate some traffic there. I have the research on a few more towns and the photos to go with it, it’s just a matter or writing them now.

Finally, I have to start sorting through my stuff and having a good clear out. There are boxes I haven’t unpacked since the last time we moved. I obviously can’t need that stuff too much.

All these things need doing, but I wish I was getting to spend the weekend with Man instead. I know, however, that if I complete this little list, I will feel that I have achieved something towards our Master Plan – which is more than I can say about the last few days.


  1. Be as ruthless as you can be with clearing stuff out….your blog today will help with the motivation to do what needs doing…I find if I journal…just my own stream of conciousness… each day it helps me do things I need to do…eventually…

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