A few kind words … and a crayfish

A rock near the weir at work yesterday.

On Monday when I came home from Man’s I was depressed about having to move house again.

Talking to gorgeous daughter number two, I shed a few tears and apologised for not being able to provide her with a stable roof over her head.

Most people I know own their own home, I said. They were able to provide a home for their children, I said.

In her inimitable, laid-back, down-to-earth style she replied: “Most people didn’t have an alcoholic husband who spent all their money. I think you’ve done a good job.”

She cheered me up.

And the view along the river from the car park.

Yesterday at work I got into the lift with a colleague.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying,” she said. “But I find you inspirational, both in your professional life and with the way you are with your girls.”

I was bowled over. It was such a lovely thing to say and her words came at such an appropriate moment for me. And now she has inspired me.

So that’s it with the wallowing in self-pity. I have things to do (like find another house and pack this one up, and work on achieving mine and Man’s dream of working for ourselves and buying our own home), I have two wonderful daughters, a Man whom I love dearly and who also loves me and I am surrounded by supportive friends and colleagues.

And, you know, whatever hurdles have been put in our way, the girls and I have always managed to jump them – this time will be no different.

So, crisis over, I am back on track.

Now here is my wildlife discovery for yesterday.

A crayfish just chilling by the weir at work.

We had a mink at work a few years ago. I never saw it but you could tell by the number of crayfish claws all over the car park. We had to get pest control in to catch it.

I’m sure I read somewhere that these crayfish are a menace in the rivers too (but I may just be making that up because I can’t remember properly).

Macro shot of the smelly flowers.

When I got home last night gorgeous daughter number two had prepared dinner – salmon steaks, new potatoes, carrots and French beans, delicious.

She had also evicted gorgeous daughter number one’s smelly flowers into the garden.

Beautiful but smelly.

It’s a shame because the blooms have opened up and they look absolutely beautiful. But they are so unnecessarily stinky, they really can’t stay in the house.

They look nice in the garden :)

Not all the blooms have opened.

And the sunset looked lovely last night too. And some very lovely people have made me come to my senses and remember my life is not remotely doom and gloom, it’s very happy and positive and I am extremely lucky.


I am also extremely good at overcoming obstacles.




  1. Hi Dory. Signal crayfish, an introduced alien species, are larger than the native European crayfish so can out-compete them. But the biggest problem is they carry a disease that they are mostly immune to but is fatal to the native crayfish. I don’t know whether your crayfish is a native or alien so it could be a good guy or a villain. Apparently they both taste good!

    • Aha, I’d thought I’d read that somewhere, thanks James. Maybe I should hang a crayfish line over the edge of the weir … mmmm barbecued crayfish for lunch :)

  2. I agree with the colleague in the lift. Your daughters are very lucky to have such a wonderful mom. Much less so talented and might I add fun!

    • Thank you so much. I really appreciate your thoughts :)

      • You’re very welcome.

  3. Best wishes with the task of moving and settling. Hope you find a good spot. Your daughters sound wonderful. Myself, I had to support my son myself and so tons of bills, expense from disengaging from exhusband but I bought a very little and old house, country village…nice neighbours and family close by….often wish i could have had the big modern home but realize now it all turned out good…Sounds like you have worked hard and impressed collegues and family with your strength and creativity…good for you, blessings.

    • Many thanks. I think my daughters are wonderful :). Sometimes being a single parent can be tough (and I know I have it easy in this respect) but it brings its own rewards :)

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