Going to be a glorious day

Sunset the other day.

I don’t have a stunning view from our current back garden, but sometimes it does take your breath away.

This is the scene the other night, I love the colours.

Sunrise and sunset are my favourite times of day. A few months after Man and I met we spent a few days travelling from Scarborough to Skegness.

Scarborough sunrise.

The first morning in Scarborough, Man woke me up to show me this.

We went out to the beach to take photos and watch the sun come up, it was beautiful.

From our apartment we had the most gorgeous view of the headland and the castle. Later in the day we walked up there (it was a lot further away than I thought) in the rain and the howling wind. It was March and it wasn’t warm.

This is the way to start the day.

We went down on to the beach at sunrise each morning we were there.

Now that is the proper way to start the day and that is what I would love to be doing today.

Sadly, however, I have to go to work (boo).

Wednesday is the busiest day of my week. Lots and lots of deadlines.

But maybe I will get out of the office early enough to go and take some photos on the way home.

I have 99 followers of this blog now, one more will tip me over the 100 mark (yes, I know you could have worked that out yourselves :) ).

I am grateful, flattered and amazed. Thanks for following, I really appreciate it.


    • It certainly did :) … probably the best sausage roll I’ve ever eaten and a steaming cup of coffee

  1. The colors in your are spectacular, I can only imagine what is what like in person! :)

  2. Thank you, it was a beautiful way to start the day :)

  3. Breathtaking – wish I was there! Hope there are more lovely pics coming

    • Thank you … I hope I see lots more sunrises like this :)

  4. Valerie Fletcher Adolph said:

    Oh! I spent childhood holidays at Scarborough. You brought back beautiful memories for me.

  5. I’m glad. It’s a lovely, lovely place :)

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