Things I have learned/achieved this week (week eight)

Not sure what this is.

Let’s start with what I haven’t learned … I haven’t learned what this is.

I found him by the weir at work this morning and he very conveniently waited until I had walked up two floors, got my camera and returned to photograph him before he disappeared.

Now he could be a mouse I suppose.

But when the killer cat caught the mouse a few weeks ago, he was a lot bigger and his ears were bigger too.


See, bigger and with bigger ears and a longer tail.

I am hoping the first one might be a vole … cos if it is, it is my very first vole and I am excited :)

I would normally only post in the morning, but I got a bit carried away with photos of the nature reserve this morning and had to go to work (I told you work got in the way!).

So here is the list of things I have learned/achieved this week.

The positives:

Had a fabulous weekend at Man’s including a visit to York and a trip on the river, a lovely walk along the Trent and a visit to Attenborough Nature Reserve.

I have taken lots of photographs (there’s a shock).

Time has moved on and I can now submit my second attempt at being accepted by the stock photo agency.

We have ticked the exercise box a number of times and consequently, for someone who prefers to sit in the shade, I have a pretty amazing tan.

More money (not a lot but a little bit) has gone into the Pot.

I have a daughter who remains unbelievably cheerful in the face of homelessness.

I have resisted the temptation to spend a lot of money on a new camera (although I can’t say how long this show of willpower is going to last).

I survived my first week back at work after my holiday.

The sun is shining.

The negatives:

I have to find somewhere else to live because the landlord wants his house back. Attempting to find the positives in this: he has given us just over two months to find somewhere else, it will force me to do a car boot sale and put more crap (aka valuable, much-sought-after, hugely in demand) items on eBay, gorgeous daughter number 2 is in full house hunting mode (they’re both quite good at that actually), and I didn’t quite have the meltdown I expected when I heard the news.

I had to go back to work after two fabulous weeks roaming the country.

Gorgeous daughter number one was given some lovely flowers on the last day of her old job last week and they are positively stinking out the house (but I daren’t throw them away because she’s on holiday).

So, not exactly the best week in the world, but it could be worse.

Onwards and upwards.

Now, does anyone know what the little creature I discovered this morning is?


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