A weed by any other name

Now if these were in your garden, you’d probably pull them up, but how pretty are they in the wild?

This is Attenborough Nature Reserve, which we visited yesterday morning again.

Beautiful sunny day once again but we actually went because I had found the perfect present for my friend’s imminent arrival and I wanted to buy it, and I also wanted to take a picture of a rat.

Can you see him through the foliage?

There are hides at the reserve and near this one is a bird feeder where we watched a chaffinch and a couple of tits feeding. Below is the rats’ feeding ground. Trouble is at this time of year, especially with the weather we have had, there is a host of foliage blocking a clear view.

The bird feeder above the rats.

I have to confess, I am not a very big fan of rodents of any description but these actually looked quite cute (only at a distance while I was in the safety of the hide though).

But they were huge, much bigger than I expected them to be.

I think I will have to return in different seasons to see if I can get a better view.

We didn’t walk a huge distance … if we did a mile I’d be surprised … but it is better than not walking a mile, like I said yesterday.

I bought a couple of books to help me as well, one for the identification of butterflies and moths and another to identify British insects.

They were nice and cheap (£2.99). I toyed with the idea of buying one on identifying dragonflies but it was £19, which I thought was very expensive so I didn’t bother.

Had I, though, I might have been able to tell you what this is.

As it is, I can’t. It’s pretty though.

Went to visit Man’s mum, who was in a very sunny mood, and did some shopping.

I had planned to leave about 7pm to drive home but stepdaughter to be had other ideas.

Somehow she managed to crack herself on the head with a pickaxe and ended up at Accident & Emergency. I know, I know, you really have to try very hard to knock yourself out with a pickaxe, but if anyone can manage it, she can.

Apparently she was trying to break up some bricks in her cousin’s garden, swung the axe back, got it tangled in the washing line and it rebounded on to her head. She’s ok.

So after collecting her from the hospital, I didn’t drive home till later. Got home just after 10pm, chatted to daughter number 2 about houses for a while and got to bed way too late. Beginning the working week tired again, never mind.

I don’t now get to visit Man until the weekend after next, which sucks.

Very cute gosling washing its face.

But I have a whole lot of house to sort out, one to find to rent for the next year, and a photo submission to make to the stock agency, so I suppose I’ll be kept busy.



  1. Attenborough Nature Reserve is run by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and is something of a showcase reserve. They hold a number of events there and you may be interested in the guided walk on 05 August (10:30 start, no need to book just meet at the Nature Centre). If you want to learn more about dragon flies (or damsel flies as in your photo) NWT South Notts Local group have a dragon fly day planned for the Grantham Canal on Wednesday 15 August (start 10:00 at Hickling Basin Contact: Gordon Dyne 0115 878 4842). That requires a day off work unfortunately so may not be feasible for you.

    • Oh wow, that’s great. Thanks so much for the information. The Wednesday one might prove difficult but I’ll keep an eye out for others. I’ll check out their website. Thanks James.

  2. I appreciate your excellent photography and writing….I read through as far as marv the cat…! I will return to read more….funny photo of old guy…but why not dress lightly…it’s been a very hot summer…..

    • Thank you … and I agree, if it is hot, why not wear something comfortable :)

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