Semi-naked elderly people (again)


Semi-naked elderly people are beginning to haunt me. I hope there isn’t some deep-rooted psychological reason for this.

After discovering a dear old grandma (that’s just my presumption, I don’t know she is a grandma) sunbathing in an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, blue polka dot bikini by the banks of the Trent in Nottingham the other week, I found her male equivalent, fishing by the river Trent yesterday a little further out of town.

Aha, maybe it’s the Trent they are haunting, not me. AND they were both wearing blue swimming costumes. I see a pattern emerging here.


It was such a glorious summers day yesterday, Man and I decided to go for a stroll.

The intention was to start in the village of Hoveringham, where you can very conveniently park your car for free, and walk upstream along the river, then take a seven mile circular route around a couple of villages and back to the car.

In reality we walked along the Trent for a mile and a half (that’s what the walk guide said, I didn’t estimate) to a lovely little pub where we sat in the sunshine and had lunch and then walked the mile and a half back again.


Still, three miles is better than no miles so the exercise box was ticked again, and it was a beautiful stroll. We can build up to the seven mile hike :)

While we were walking we took photographs, chatted, soaked in the sunshine and started making up ridiculous stories about the people we passed along the way.

There was the middle-aged couple lovingly gazing into each other’s eyes over a picnic (new second relationship or an affair), the family of five, with three out of control kids, and  a spare male in tow who appeared to be handing out advice in droves (obviously their social worker trying to show them how to have fun on a free family activity), the woman striding ahead of her red-faced, very grumpy looking husband (she had promised him a pint if he came for a walk but there was no pub in sight yet) and the couple sat ten yards apart on the riverbank, resolutely staring in opposite directions (they were on a ‘right, we need to talk’ outing).

Juvenile and grossly unfair I know, but Man and I still found it entertaining and we giggled most of the way.


And we found another ‘that is us in 20 years time couple’ sailing merrily up the river on their houseboat. They’d come from Deal in Kent.

How much fun would it be to spend your retirement boating along the waterways of Britain? A houseboat would certainly tick the ‘I’d like to live by water’ box and the ‘I want to travel round exploring’ box. I’m not sure about a decent wifi connection though.


We walked through fields of cows, who weren’t remotely perturbed that we were encroaching on their territory.

Chased dragonflies, but only one of them would sit still long enough for me to photograph it.

A spent ages trying to capture a bird in flight again.


We took pictures of the architecture.


And we found this little fella. He only looks a day or two old. He was straddled over a branch and I think we panicked him a bit, so we moved away. He is very cute.


It’s so nice to get out in the sunshine.

  1. Great post, excellent photo’s and once again I leave your blog laughing. Have a good day, or a better one! :)

  2. amb said:

    fabulous photos! and i hope you get some relief from “the haunting” soon :-)

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