Woo hoo it’s the weekend

We’re off exploring again

Aaargh, I hadn’t noticed, the clock on my home page has clicked down again. 3.2 years until my 50th birthday. Really, I have to get these plans snowballing again.

This week has been tough. After having two whole weeks off work, wandering round the country with Man and my camera, I found going back to work really hard.

I was in the office Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and at a meeting yesterday and I don’t think I’ve clicked the shutter since Monday. Not good enough, must try harder.

Well it’s the weekend – YAY – and I’ve come back up to Nottingham to spend the next three days with Man. So, camera at the ready.

Drove up yesterday afternoon after my meeting, only took a couple of hours, which was good.

Sitting discussing what we were going to do this weekend when Man came up with a brilliant idea.

So today we are driving around 90 miles to buy sausages. (They are particularly good sausages).

We are going to York where we spent a fabulous long weekend last year.

We are also going to be hunting a place called Whip Ma Whop Ma Gate lol. Apparently it’s the name of a road in York. I really hope it has a road sign. I have a collection of photos of us at ridiculous places (like Cocking and Shatton, Devil’s Arse and Lickey End). Childish, I know, but it amuses me.

Now two minutes after Man comes up with his wonderful idea and we agree to go, Man starts trying to talk me out of it.

He does this all the time. Comes up with a great idea of something to do or somewhere to go, we both agree it’s a great idea, let’s do it. (Like Dover Castle last week)

Then we get the “Well, only if you want to,” “It’s quite a long way,” “If you’d rather stay in/go somewhere closer/ do something else.”

I think this is because Man does not drive (being born and brought up in a city, there’s no need to) so I do all the driving and he feels guilty about it.

But I love driving and I love exploring, all is good.

So Man, sshhhhh. It’s a great idea, positively inspired, let’s go!

See you later.


  1. Enjoy your day in York. It’s up there with Edinburgh as one of my favourite cities.

  2. York is beautiful. There’s a fantastic musuem, the York Castle musuem I think- I always remark to people that it’s one of the best, if not the best, musuem I have seen. I love all the old Roman ruins. And the Shambles… ah, such a lovely place! Hope you have a great time!

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