A poem

This is a poem. I haven’t written poetry for years. It’s probably crap but there you go.

It’s called Work

I don’t want to be here anymore,
This place that eats away my time.
I have devoted so much of my life, so much energy to this place.
It was a place of pride, of fun, of hard work with such a big sense of achievement.
But it isn’t anymore.
The thrill of the chase, the excitement has gone.
It used to be vibrant – the people, the work, the atmosphere – buzzing.
Colleagues who would rise to any challenge, climb any mountain
But there is no end, no let up in the pressure, no time to breathe or take stock.
And now I look around at faces that are tired, jaded.
People whose passion and enthusiasm is being eroded slowly but surely
And I think to myself:
I don’t want to be here anymore


  1. So Dory, is it your work that has changed or is it you? (or both?)

    • Oh it’s definitely both. My and my daughters’ personal circumstances have changed drastically over the last three years and now different possibilities are beginning to open up for me.
      Our company was bought by another newspaper group about the same time and this has brought different business practices.
      So definitely a combination of the two.

  2. I’m intrigued by the photo of the opencast workings. Where is it?

    • Aha :) we found this by accident. In the village of Crich in Derbyshire just behind the Tramway Museum there is a tower that is a Memorial to the Sherwood Foresters. From the top of the tower you get the most glorious 360 panorama of the dales and the open cast mines :) it is absolutely beautiful and well worth a visit. About 30mins from Nottingham

  3. this is how I felt last year before I left my well paid job after 21 years to move to the UK. :)

    • So many things are changing … that’s about the same amount of time I’ve been with this company :) still a little way to go yet but I’m almost ready to move on :)

  4. I love the poem. It’s time to move on, isn’t it? Go with the possiblilities opening up for you. Also like the photo. I will be following up on your tagging me, thank you, I haven’t forgotten – just been a hectic week. You are very appreciated by me.

    • Thanks, almost ready to move on. Not quite, but very soon I hope :)

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