Things I have learned/achieved this week (week 7)

Wild grass.

Back to reality, oops there goes sanity.

Yes I know the Eminem song says gravity but I think it’s my sanity that’s going to be disappearing today.

I have to drop Man at the station so he can go home and then I have to go back to work. Boooo.

Holiday is over.

No more wandering round all day and taking photos.


AND, to top it all, for the first time for ages the sun is out and it looks like it is going to be a beautiful day.

Talk about adding insult to injury!

Yesterday it rained or drizzled almost constantly. By mid afternoon I was going a bit stir crazy (so much so that I went and cut the bushes in the front garden … yes I was THAT bored!).

My artistic version of heather, complete with colour manipulation and art filters.

I persuaded Man that we should go for a walk in the rain.

I came up with the bright idea that Brookwood Cemetery near Woking would be a fabulous place to take pictures.

And I’m sure it would be …. if they allowed photography. Don’t tell you that on their website so you don’t drag yourself over there for no reason do they?


Back home we came and we stopped at the common for a while to see what inspiration we could find.

A robin sent to torment me.

This boiled down to some heather, a couple of trees, some wild grass and this little fella who was intent on tormenting me.

He’d swoop down and perch almost (but not quite) long enough for me to focus on him, then he’d dart off into a tree.

He was playing a game with us, just toying with us. Teasing us by flitting around left, right and centre.

Ok Mr Robin, you win. I can’t catch you.

We also collected a few bits of flint. Props for later projects.

I might have a go at setting up some still life studies at home, if I can get the lighting right.

Oh, you just know this is going to be an excuse to collect great piles of random crap (flint, fir cones, feathers, etc etc) and have them piled up in a corner of my kitchen for months on end.

Finally the clouds broke as the sun set. 

After being grey and miserable all day (the weather, not me – although I was doing a fair impression) the clouds suddenly broke as the sun was setting.

This is the view from my back garden.

Anyway, on to the weekly Things I have learned/achieved this week.

The positives

I have had an absolutely wonderful week chasing around the country with Man and my camera.

I discovered Dungeness – well, technically, I didn’t ‘discover’ it as such, I’m pretty sure other people have been there before, but I visited for the first time. I fell in love with it. I want to spend the £400 to go and do a proper photo shoot there.

I received my macro filters and my 2013 copy of The Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook. I have put the filters to some use so far but not the book.

I have taken so many photographs you just wouldn’t believe it.

There is only one week left before I can make my second submission to the stock photo site so I need to go through the pictures to see what I should submit.

Man and I have done loads and loads of exercise and we’ve both lost a few pounds.

We continued our journey around the British coastline, driving from Dover to Worthing.

I have 96 followers on here. I am so grateful that people are interested in my random musings. Thank you.

We had fun.

The Negatives:

I have to return to the day job (more booing).

A macroed and flashed gorse bush.

The pot of money we need has not grown that much (although we have now topped the £200 mark – only £49,800 to go!).

I still have not sorted out the rubbish in my house to do a car boot sale.

I have not sorted out any more items to eBay. Must try harder.

The Stock, Aitken , Waterman concert in Hyde Park was cancelled at the last minute. They haven’t refunded my money yet.

I’ve spent too much money and am very broke (but it’s payday on Friday).

Another good week.

No, actually this whole fortnight has been fabulous from start to finish.

And in 12 weeks time I have another two weeks off – yes, I’m counting already!



  1. Hello, there. I’ve just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. I hope you’ll accept.

  2. Happy for your time off, sad for your return to “reality! Great post, as always!

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