Say it with flowers

In the pink.

I love flowers. I can’t grow them because I really am the world’s worst gardener, but I love seeing them in gardens belonging to people far more adept at that sort of thing than I am and I love wildflowers growing on verges and in the countryside.

My favourite are sunflowers because they are just so cheerful. I remember travelling through France years ago and seeing huge fields of them. I’d like to go back and take some photos.

Today I’m sad. My fabulous holiday is almost at an end and on Tuesday Man must return home and I must return to work.

I really don’t want to do this. I want to continue a creative journey, taking photographs, exploring, writing about stuff that I find interesting and sharing the journey with Man but until I find a way of generating an income from it, back to work I must go.

I took these photographs at Birdworld the other day – there’s more to the place than just birds you know.

I haven’t got a clue what most of them are, but I’m pretty sure this one is a waterlily :).

I’ve decided I need to set myself a few challenges over the next few months.

I was looking at Steve McCurry’s blog yesterday (my photographic hero, a complete inspiration). The other day he posted a series of pictures from around the world of people reading, yesterday there was a series of pictures of people with bicycles. Both were quite, quite brilliant. Take a look at The World’s Ride here.

Now I suppose it helps that he gets to travel to exotic locations and this is his job but there are plenty of opportunities close to home.

I think I’d like to work on a series of photographs on a theme – maybe an abstract theme. Any ideas? Suggestions would be gratefully received.

I need to work on my writing more too. I was reading somewhere the other day about prompts … ideas to get the creative writing juices going. I think I should give this a try and attempt to write something (in addition to my blog) every day.

Even I know that this is a rose :)

But once again this is where work gets in the way. I am an ideas rich, time poor person at the moment. I’d love to just chuck my job in but I have to provide a roof over the heads of gorgeous daughters number one and two. Now if I could just persuade the company to give me redundancy …

Anyway, enough random musings.

Yesterday we didn’t get out with the camera, it literally rained all day.

Instead we went to visit my parents and I acquired a free bicycle from my mother. Well I sort of did, I can have it if I cycle it home. So I’m going to get one of the daughters to drive me over there at some point so I can cycle it back. It’s only a couple of miles.

This will help with the fitness regime and I can cover more ground when I am out with my camera.

Plus, of course, I just LOVE free stuff.

They also gave me two bird feeders and I have put one up on the shed filled with bits of peaches.

Sadly Stanley the Sparrow appears to be peach-phobic as well.

Maybe they will grow on him.

This afternoon and evening Man and I are going to Guilfest. This is a music festival. Playing tonight are Chic (1970s disco),  Alvin Stardust (he’s in his 70s as well as being a throwback from the 70s), The Wurzels (just search for I’ve got a brand new combine harvester on YouTube lol) and topping the bill is Bryan Ferry, the epitome of cool.

So here’s to a rainy, mudbath of fun later.

I think we are going to need to take our umbrellas and stop and pick Man up some boots before we go.


  1. Great post dory. I checked out Steven McCurrys blog too. Wow! Your musings are skillfully written and I hope you do find the time for your own youness to come out in the form of creative writing. I understand the time restraints, however, still hoping you figure out a way.

    • Thank you :)
      Steve McCurry’s blog is just amazing isn’t it

      • Yup! Gloriously so.

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