Busy doing nothing

Just exploring.

We spent yesterday doing pretty much nothing. It was a hangover of our busy road trip the day before I think!

Took daughter number two’s passport application to the Post Office, went and bought cat food for a very angry cat who was disgusted at being given dry cat food for breakfast rather than cat meat (he still hasn’t forgiven me for yesterday’s breakfast aberration), and generally just mooched about all day.

Did, however, take a  few photos in and around the house and garden that turned out to be a little study in texture.

Cobwebs and rust.

And now I have a confession, I didn’t take half these pictures … Man did.

Cocktail sticks.

Like this one of the cocktail sticks, which I think is great. You can almost feel the texture of the wood. This one was taken with the new macro filters.


As was this one of mealworms. Now why, you may ask, do I have a pot of mealworms in my house? Am I a closet fisherman?

No. We bought them at Birdworld the other day to feed the birds (but not the parrots because they will have your fingers off).

It said all birds liked them so we bought them home to attempt to entice Stanley the Sparrow off the roof to be photographed.

Sadly it would appear that Stanley may be a vegetarian – at least, he has shown no interest whatsoever in the mealworms.

Rusty spring.

Man also took this picture of a rusty spring. Again, you can feel the texture of it.

Slimy snail.

And from the rust to the slime. Here’s one of my garden friends. Looking at him through a macro filter I can see he has eyes and a mouth. Who knew? It looks like he’s puckering up for a kiss. Hmmm, no thanks :).

Raindrops on kittens and roses on noses (or something like that).

And the obligatory raindrops on leaves. The focus is better on this one. And I’m just reiterating the point that it still hasn’t stopped raining!

We did go for a walk yesterday evening but it was dark and cloudy and all a bit miserable really. Ticked the exercise box again, but that was about all. There were no really good photo opportunities.

Trying (and failing) to do an Ansel Adams.

This is me trying to be Ansel Adams lol …. some hope! Another one of my favourite photographers. You can check out his work here. It’s pretty amazing.

Not quite sure what today has in store but it’s still looking grey and miserable and to be honest, I’m a bit bored of the rain now.

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  1. I dunno’ … you’re getting close to Ansel here. Love the snail and the textures in the other great macros! This was a very interesting series. And, pretty too!

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