My feathered friends.

A wise little owl.

Now I have been desperately trying to take some decent pictures of birds. The trouble is, the buggers won’t sit still and pose.

So yesterday I came up with a cunning plan … head somewhere where you have some captive  subjects.

Aha, there is no escaping the lens of Dory.

So we headed to Birdworld near Farnham in Surrey to see what we could see.

I haven’t been there for years and years … not since the kids were really small.

But it’s only just down the road, so off we went (with Man secretly thinking ‘Oh no, not more bloody ducks!’).

Man finds another feathered friend.

But, actually he enjoyed himself too – HA.

He found another friend … this little thing was eating mealworms out of his hands, he wasn’t shy at all (the bird, not Man … he’s not shy lol).

It’s a lovely little place, there are loads of birds (obviously) and a little farm and the entry price includes entry to Underwater World, which, to be perfectly honest, was a bit crap … although we did find Nemo AND Dory :).

There was only one group of school children, and we managed to avoid them most of the time.

Where’s Roy?

This little fella is a a Mynah bird, boy was he noisy!

He kept yelling for Roy. I think that was one of the keepers. And he whistled loudly and chattered away.

Man tried to get him to say Ayup midduck (it’s a Nottingham thing) but he wasn’t having any of it.

Now I took about 300 pictures … and about a third of those were acceptable and about a tenth were better than acceptable.

Toucan play that game.

I like toucans, but just like the rest of the birds, he just looked at me with complete disdain.

We had great fun though and the weather stayed dry while we were there … we’ve been so lucky with weather recently and I’ve actually got quite a tan.

The trouble is, I’m just starting to get the back to work blues.

I don’t want to go back to work, I want to travel round the country taking photographs. It’s much more fun.

Hmmm, never mind, I don’t have to go back until Tuesday.

A genius idea hit me yesterday as well. I was looking at the space I have been taking up loading my pictures on this blog. And I’ve been uploading them full size.

Drop the resolution muppet, I bet everyone else has been doing that since they started … I’m such an idiot sometimes :)

Today we were going to go to Portsmouth but there is heavy rain in Portsmouth so we are off to Kent instead. I love the spontaneity of it all, I like the freedom to go wherever we please (as long as it’s in the UK – I still haven’t got a passport!)

Stand off at the farm.

  1. Nice! I especially like the chickens. Grew up on a farm. About the resolution size I did that too. Live and learn huh. :)

    • The chickens were hilarious, I don’t know what they’d done, but they sure were angry :)

  2. nikkix2 said:

    I’m glad that your having such a great vacation. Now get yourself cracking on that passport lady,,you never know when you will win the lottery and be able to travel to Canada, where our weather the summer has been spectacular,,hardly any rain,,,and tons of hot temps. I saw on the BBC last night how this year you guys are experiencing a record rainy summer. Hope it goes away before the Olympics begin.

    • Oh I’d love to … I’ve been a couple of times and I absolutely love Canada. Passports are on the list (when I have some spare cash lol).
      And, yes, it’s done nothing but rain so far this summer :)

  3. I thought that the software automatically “scrunched” the photos so that they were a maximum of 1MB. With three GB free I thought I had plenty of room. Am I missing something? If there are any “old timers” (length of time blogging not age) out there perhaps you can put us straight.

    PS My favourite is the owl. In the original, can you zoom in and see yourself in the catchlights in the eyes? I always think that is great when that happens.

    • To be honest, I’m not really sure … but they do load a lot quicker if I drop the res first :). I’ve used 16% of my limit in six weeks lol, given that I’m probably not going to post any less, I need to do something else :) I shall probably end up buying more space because I appear to be addicted to this now.
      I like the owl too … and yes you can :)

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