In an English country garden

This is Wrest Park in Bedfordshire.

It’s an English Heritage property we stopped at on the way between Man’s house and mine, just to break up the journey.

It was raining when we arrived and it chucked it down when we left, but all the time we were there we had beautiful sunshine.

Here’s a journey through this English country garden.

  1. I like the window shot too. However, being a bit funny that way, I’d have to crop it so that there was the same amount of frame in each corner otherwise it would bother me no end. How sad is that? You were lucky with the weather. Blue sky is rare this year. Cheers

    • I agree, Man said that too … I just didn’t want to muck around with his photo too much :)

  2. lucywilliamspoetry said:

    I need to go there! It looked beautiful. Good photography : )

  3. Thanks :) It’s a lovely place, about 10-15 minutes off the M1 junction 13, a little place called Silsoe.

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