Things I have learned/achieved this week (week 6)

I have just seen Roger Bannister on television. He was carrying the Olympic Torch in the torch relay this morning in Oxford.

Now I wouldn’t have recognised him, he’s famous but not by sight.

But it goes back to what I was saying about old people the other day.

If you saw him in the street, most people would probably just see an old man.

But this is Roger Bannister, the first man to break the four-minute mile, the man who went on to become a distinguished neurologist. There’s much more to him than just age and wrinkles. Just as there is much more to every other old person than age and wrinkles. (I appear to have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about this at the moment lol).

A random picture of an onion, just for light and shade purposes. It was given to me by staff from Marco Pierre White’s new Nottingham restaurant at the Food Festival on Saturday. It came wrapped in a recipe from the great man himself for French Onion Soup (told you it was random).

Had a bit of a disagreement with stepdaughter to be last night that resulted in her stomping off to her bedroom, thinking about what was said, coming downstairs with all the plates in her bedroom, washing them, doing some washing and apologising. I was impressed.

Man and I did a load of housework and more gardening yesterday. Today we head back down south for a week at my house.

I’ve got a couple of parcels waiting for me. One is the newest edition of the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook. It’s a great source of information giving contacts for newspapers, magazines, literary agents etc etc at home and abroad. Very useful but ever changing and my last copy was from 2008.

The second should be some macro adapters for my camera. Macro lenses are hugely expensive and I can’t afford one at the moment. The adapters were £8.99.

A bowl of olives – part of my lunch on Saturday after our long walk.

I am looking forward to trying them out if the rain holds off for long enough.

I quite liked the dragonfly photos I took the other day and I’m hoping they will be useful for better pictures of insects. Not something I’ve really done before but worth a try.

On the way back down south we are planning to stop at a place called Wrest Park in Bedfordshire.

We bought English Heritage membership last October and have been trying to visit a number of properties to justify what we spent on the membership.

Trouble is, a lot of English Heritage properties are ruins and are free for anyone to enter. Now usually I am a big fan of free, I love free, but if they are free for everyone, why did I pay for membership? This one is meant to cost £8.50 per person. But it will be free to us because we are members. This means we only have about £17 of entry fees to go before our membership fee becomes worthwhile. And we have until October to find them.

A wildflower in Man’s garden (I’ll look up what it is later).

Anyway, on to what I’ve learned/achieved this week.

The positives

  • I’ve been on holiday (woo hoo) AND I still have another week off.
  • This means I got to spend lots of quality time with Man.
  • We have walked for at least an hour, sometimes more, every single day this week apart from yesterday when gardening and housework gave us exercise.
  • I started my diet and fitness regime and hope when I stand on the scales when I get home I am at least a couple of pounds lighter than I was the last time I braved them.
  • We have done a fair amount of research into our new business idea.
  • I have taken loads and loads of photographs, some of which I am pleased with.
  • I am almost ready for my next submission to the stock photo agency. Let’s hope more than three are accepted this time.
  • I entered a photographic competition for the first time.
  • I bought books to identify British birds and wildflowers.
  • I had a go at a photo essay for the first time and I was quite pleased with the result. You can see it here)
  • Stepdaughter to be listened to what we had to say, even though she was angry, and reacted positively.
  • I have more than 80 followers on my blog … thank you so much :)

The negatives

  • The money in the pot has not really increased that much this week.
  • I still haven’t done a car boot sale and I haven’t sold anything else on eBay.
  • I now need books on identifying fungi, butterflies and moths and insects. I can’t tag these things unless I know what they are.
  • I have rather overspent this month!
  • The weather has been mostly awful.

So, for the sixth week running, this has been a good week and I haven’y had to work.

Did I mention, I’m on holiday ???

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  1. Yes, still enjoying. My read seems to be from a vicarious perspective without being invasive. Is that possible? Well you seem to manage it well.

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