The Trouble with Lichen

Lichen on a park bench.

Trouble With Lichen – a science fiction book, written in the 1960s by John Wyndham. He’s one of my favourite authors. It’s about a biochemist who discovers there are properties in lichen that can slow the ageing process and help humans live to between 200 and 300 years. What a thought. Would I like to live that long? I don’t know. If I was fit and active then yes, probably.

I started my diet and fitness regime yesterday as a direct result of a photo Man took of me the day before at the nature reserve. The time has really come to do something about my health and fitness. It was part of the Plan.

So far we’ve done ok at investigating business ideas and the pot of money is growing slowly but steadily so it’s time to work on the other part of the Plan – improving my health and fitness.

Man found me an app for my iPhone. It’s called My Fitness Pal. You can add in all the food you have eaten and what exercise you have done all day and it shows you calories used and calories eaten.

You have to be honest, obviously, and that is where I have fallen down in the past. I am a secret eater. It’s a bit like alcoholism but with food. When you hide the wrappers of things you have eaten, you have a problem. I’ve had a problem for years.

I come up with every excuse in the book for not eating properly and they are all just that … excuses.

Well not no more.

And when my weight has gone down considerably, I will embark on the next challenge – giving up smoking. That will help the finances too. But I’m not ready for that yet.

So I was extremely good with what I ate yesterday but it rained and rained and rained so I sat and sat and sat like a couch potato all day.

It’s been nice weather for ducks (only this is a goose).

Finally, about 6pm, the clouds parted, we grabbed the camera and headed to Colwick Country Park on the outskirts of Nottingham.

The weather still wasn’t brilliant but it was dry and I liked the reflections in the puddles.

We probably walked for an hour or so … half hour round the lake and half hour back again. According to My Fitness Pal, that gave me another 380 something calories to eat. I didn’t, but I could have.

We found this great crested grebe just mucking around on the river. I know it’s a great crested grebe cos I have a book :).

A great crested grebe on the river Trent.

Oh my god, I’m turning into a twitcher! Who’d have thought it.

I do seem to be taking a lot of nature photographs recently. Nature reserves are an easy place to snap a few shots.

But actually I prefer photographs that tell a story.

My favourite photographer is Steve McCurry. He’s the guy who took that amazing image of a green-eyed Afghan girl for the front of National Geographic. If I could live my life over, my dream job would be a photo journalist for National Geographic,

I love street photography and more abstract stuff and textures. But at the moment I am trying to get my first selection of photos accepted by a stock art agency and to do that the photos need to be generic. If I take pictures of people, I need to get them to sign a model release form.

Man being chased by geese lol

I don’t need to do that with ducks or geese or even great crested grebes. But I don’t think I’m a natural wildlife photographer.

I would like a bird feeder in my garden though so I can take some more pictures of Stanley (I miss Stanley when I’m in Nottingham).


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