It moved so I shot it … with my camera

A heron in flight … yes, actually moving and still in focus for once!

Thought we’d go and try out a local nature reserve yesterday.

It is named after, and was opened by, the legend that is Sir David Attenborough, so it ought to have been good. And it was.

Now I’m going to need an insect identification book as well cos I have no idea what this is.

We had a walk around the visitor centre and then headed for the lakes. The whole area is reclaimed land that was previously gravelpits and is absolutely huge. We must have walked for about three miles and boy was it hot. Sunshine sometimes but very, very muggy.

Another unidentified flying thing … pretty though.

Found a couple of houses by the river Trent that I would like to live in. I’m not really bothered where we live (as in parts of the country) but it needs to be close to the countryside, be near a small town for shopping/doctors/entertainment purposes, have excellent broadband connection and it would be lovely if it was near water … sea, lake, river, not fussed which.

A working environment – Ratcliffe on Soar power station and a barge and tug.

Now I thought as we were going to a nature reserve that I would mainly end up with photographs of birds.

As it happened I ended up with everything but.

There were loads of wildflowers, dragonflies, other insects and I love the way that the urban environment encroaches on the rural environment like with this picture of a train.

A very small train.

And I took my first photographs of dragonflies. Now I am going to have to buy and insect identification book as well as one for butterfies and moths. I am turning into a complete geek.

It really was a lovely walk (exercise box ticked again) and we were gasping for a drink when we finished. So we get in the car, drive a couple of miles to a pub, park the car.

Now I know this one is a poppy even without referring to the books :)

Then Man realises he hasn’t got his pride and joy (his iPhone). Luckily Man can remember exactly where his precious is.

Sadly it is half way round the walk we have just done, sitting on a concrete block by the railways sidings.

Fields of colour the other side of the River Trent.

So we get back in the car, drive a couple of miles to the nature reserve, persuade some workmen to move their steam roller so we can drive up the railway sidings rather than walk it again, and retrieve said iPhone, which is sitting by the side of the railway exactly where Man said it would be.

HA. Two ditsy moments in as many days :). See, it’s not always me.

Finally we adjourned for a well-earned long cold drink at a nearby pub.

  1. lucywilliamspoetry said:

    It is a very small world! From Nottingham myself and been to this nature reserve many a time from when I was a mere dot!

    • Small world indeed :) I live in Hampshire but Man lives in Nottingham and I divide my time between the two. Am loving your theme challenge btw, your poetry is beautiful.

      • lucywilliamspoetry said:

        Oh I see : ) thank you, really glad you like them

  2. Great shots. Nature up close and personal. I love it.

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