Nothing ventured, nothing gained

I can see you.

I entered a photographic contest yesterday … my first one.

‘You have to be in it to win it,’ says my mum and that orange-tanned, hugely-camp tv presenter.

So I thought I’d have a go. I entered this photo that I took many years ago of my little neighbour peering through our garden fence.

I had popped into the garden and seen her and yelled ‘stay right there’ while I ran in and grabbed my camera to get a couple of shots of her. I love the photo. I’ve moved and lost touch with the family now, I hope they don’t mind me entering it.

The competition is an American one for the Children’s Eye Health Organisation … this picture seemed appropriate. Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. There’s no entry fee, I lose nothing by entering.

The sun did shine through eventually.

We went out (in the rain) yesterday morning and bought an industrial strength strimmer, a hedge trimmer and new ironing board and a new iron …. good grief, we know how to live. Now all we have to do is use them.

But as I was moving like I was nine-months pregnant yesterday, we had a brief try of the strimmer and left it at that! We will tackle that garden at some point though.

Actually, I weigh more now than I did when I was nine-months pregnant!! That’s not a good admission. Seriously time to do something about that.

I have been learning with the weather over the last few weeks that when the sun does come through the rain, it’s time to drop everything, grab my camera and head out into the wild blue yonder.

Just look at that light.

It happened at about 6pm.

Man was midway through making dinner (he’s a great cook) but we left it and headed to Wollaton Hall, a favourite haunt of ours.

It’s an amazing place. Acres and acres of space in the middle of a city.

Lovely gardens, a deer park, a stately home housing a museum, a lake and beautiful grounds.

Ticked off the exercise box again (I WILL start losing weight and getting fitter).

Another average picture of a deer.

We walked across the fields and around the house, went down to the lake and back again, round the gardens and back to the car.

It must have been a good mile or two up loads of hills and it made me sweat which means it must be doing me some good.

I am desperate to take a really good picture of a deer. Once again I just got average ones though. The herd was resting and the deer were all bunched together in a mish mash of antlers not conducive to clean photos. Oh well, I am sure we will be back again soon.

Billowing clouds.

Stayed up late – well late for me. Being an early bird I am usually in bed by ten. It must have been 11.30pm before I ventured upstairs.

Then I heard Man. ‘Sweetheart, what have you done with the front door keys?’

Hmmm. Good question. I remembered opening the front door but could I remember where I’d put the keys? Of course not.

So there followed about half an hour of frantic searching.

The hall looking majestic.

I checked all the usual suspects. They weren’t still in the front of the door (that’s my favourite place. My milkman used to post them back through the letterbox for me when he delivered the milk at 4am!).

Neither were they in the fridge. I was thirsty when we came back from our walk and I went to the fridge to get a cold drink. I’ve left the keys in there many a time.

We turned the downstairs upside down before we found them. Under  a jumper on the floor by where Man was sitting. He had used the bottle opener on the keyring to open a beer when we got in.

So, for once, it wasn’t me at all.

HA. I am not the only ditsy one in this relationship. It’s his age you know :)

PS … this is my 50th post, don’t I ramble on lol.

  1. Great post. Once again I get caught up in your world in a delightful way. Beautiful photographs!

    • Thank you Penny, that’s really kind of you :)

  2. nikkix2 said:

    Super pic of the little girl with beautiful brown eyes. And the hall,,omg,,I soooo want to jump on a plane to see!!
    Your pictures are great and I’m glad your having a wonderful time with man. I miss reading your posts and when I venture to the library,,I make sure to get caught up!

    • Hey, I’ve missed you. How’s the new home? Thanks Nikki, I’m missing your posts too :)

      • nikkix2 said:

        The new home is absolutely fab! It’s weird tho having to cook in someone else’s kitchen. Got to get used to that as I can’t eat out all the time lol.

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