Bowling for glory

An arcade in Nottingham city centre.

I’m getting later and later in the morning with this blog.

This is because my alarm usually goes off at 4.45am. I get up, coffee, cigarette, blog, then I get washed and dressed and leave for work between 6am and 6.30am.

But I’m on holiday (more woo hoos). Yesterday my alarm still went off at 4.45am because I had forgotten to turn it off (ooops, sorry Man). But I went back to sleep.

I like mornings, but it is nice to wake up naturally instead of being woken by a nasty bleeping sound.

It’s raining again and the weather forecast says rain all week and I’m sulking because I want to take more photos.

This one I took on Monday in Nottingham town centre. There’s a stupid blue sign sticking out on the left at the end, other than that I quite like it.

Lenny the Left Lion looking angry.

This is Lenny. He is one of a pair of lions that sits outside the Council House in Nottingham’s Market Square.

He looks angry. Legend has it that the lions will roar if a virgin walks past. They have been suspiciously quiet every time I’ve seen them!

Yesterday we decided to have a ‘doing’ day.

The choice was gardening or housework. Now I’m pretty crap at gardening but I’m even worse at housework so Man blitzed the lounge and moved all the furniture around and I tackled the overgrown hedge.

People who are 5ft2 are not designed to cut 7ft hedges. Needless to say only the sides have been done.

As a reward for our good behaviour, we went into town and went bowling last night. (Stepson to be has games night on a Tuesday and his friends come round and play on the PS3, so the choice was sit and get bored to death or go out – we went out).

I love bowling but it is yet another thing I am useless at. Man loves bowling and is quite good.

And I learnt something. There are marks on the lanes and apparently these are for steering. Well, you use them to line up your shot any way – who knew??? All these years I thought they were just showing you which direction the pins were in lol.

And even that only worked most, not all of the time. I did actually let go of the ball and hurl it towards Man who was sitting behind me! I missed him too :).

Haven’t laughed so much for years. Unsurprisingly I lost all three games and Man was smug for the rest of the evening.

We went to dinner at one of those all you can eat buffets. More bubble time.

Today, however, I can’t move. The combination of hedgecutting and bowling has rendered me stiff as a board. Maybe we go visit Man’s mum today (she’s 84 and I think I shall feel some affinity with her mobility issues today more than any other day). I seriously need to get fitter.

Funky new shoes.

I shall show her my funky new shoes.

I look particularly clown like in this photo don’t you think?

Happy Fourth of July … please let it stop raining soon.



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