Things I have learned/achieved this week (week 5)

Pretty purple flower.

Man was in the dock in court yesterday, charged with arson.

We went to visit the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham. It was an interactive tour of the old court and prison.

Now when we went to visit a similar exhibition at Warwick Castle last year, Man was dragged up to stand in the dock and be charged with being the Well Widdler of Warwick (he was found guilty).

Yesterday he was picked on again and sentenced to death for setting fire to a factory in the 1880s.

He obviously just has that criminal look about him lol.

Our fellow visitors included a young couple who had obviously dressed for the occasion. She was wearing a blouse covered in skulls and he was wearing a t-shirt that said that said ‘Psycho Killer Ward’. Very funny. And our tickets include entry to the caves beneath Nottingham Castle, which we can use any time in the next six months. That should be fun.

We had an interesting day in town. Did some research for our business plan in the tourist information centre and I bought a couple of books to identify the British wildflowers and birds I keep taking photos of.

This is not a moorhen chick, it is a coot chick. I know that now cos I have a book :)

Took some photos but the light wasn’t great. We are often in the city though, so there’s plenty of time to take more.

Oh I bought myself a very lovely pair of shoes too (and threw my old ones straight in the the nearest bin) and had to undress in the carpark when I realised half my clothing was on inside out (note to self: stop getting dressed in the dark!).

And so, on to the things I have learned or achieved this week.

The positives

  • I submitted my first selection of photographs to the stock photo agency.
  • Not all of the photos were rejected.
  • They gave positive feedback on what I should be looking at in my submissions.
  • I have taken several photographs this week that I think might make the grade.

Trent Bridge, Nottingham.

  • Man and I have had several lovely roadtrips and this has generated info for new hubpages.
  • The roadtrips also meant quite a bit of walking – exercise box has been ticked several times.
  • I sold something else on eBay – more money for the pot.
  • Stepdaughter to be has calmed herself. It would appear it wasn’t her who trashed the friend’s house, it was someone she took with her. That doesn’t make it better but the threat of the police being involved seems to have scared her enough to make her think.
  • Stepdaughter to be has applied for a job.
  • I have more followers on here and on Twitter. Thanks for reading my musings, I’m grateful and flattered.
  • I am on holiday for the next two weeks – woo hoo – and we have lots more roadtrips planned.

Mute swans – I thought they were being loving but actually I think he was trying to bite her neck!

The negatives

  • My first submission to the stock photo agency was turned down.
  • I cannot submit another ten photos until July 24. I will have to think very carefully about what I am going to submit before doing that.
  • Man had a huge row with stepdaughter to be about her behaviour. Thankfully at least some of what he said appears to have hit home (finally).
  • No hits on my hubpages but to be fair I haven’t put a lot of work into that yet. Must try harder and post some more articles.
  • EBAy income is slowing down.
  • At least one of our business ideas for Nottingham tourism has already been done. But a couple more haven’t been and we are going to concentrate on them.
  • I had to undress in the car park because I had put my clothes on inside out (again).
  • It’s still raining!

Another good week.

Onwards and upwards :)



  1. Keep sharing, I look forward to your words, wit, wisdom and of course the great photo’s!

  2. Aww thank you … I’m not sure about the wisdom though lol. Now daughter number one is very good at that. She calls it her ‘words of wisdomness’ and she usually imparts them to anyone who wants to listen (and those who don’t) when she is slightly merry :)

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