Danger – stick to your path

Wandering aimlessly not advised.

Went riding on some trams yesterday in a tiny village called Crich up in the Derbyshire Dales. Beautiful.

Came across this sign, which made me laugh. But it’s true, I need to stick to the path. My path, not the public path – I don’t really go for the public en masse. I don’t want to be a sheep and follow the herd I want to do my own thing.

But I need to keep the end goal in sight and keep plugging away at it. That countdown clock is ticking.

So, weather wasn’t great for taking pictures of trams but it was still a fun morning.

They’ve recreated a cobbled street and the trams run up and down to the top of the hill.

There is an old print works, a tram exhibition, a beautiful glazed tile pub and little shops and cottages. But the best thing was the street furniture. Lamp posts and telephone boxes, water fountains and signs.

Eddie Grant would be happy :)

We went rocking down to Electric Avenue – although I’m pretty sure this road sign referred to the trams rather than the song :) and met a mad pensioner with a tight perm and dyed black hair (please don’t let me do that when I’m old) who wanted to talk to us about mining and caves and the fact that she needed to get a lift, a train, a bus and another lift to arrive at her shop.

It was fun.

How cute is he??

Stopped at the supermarket to do some shopping and restricted ourselves to reduced items with orange stickers on them.

This has become a bit of a game. What can we create for dinner out of stuff that has been reduced in supermarkets?

Last night we had stuffed mushrooms, cheese and caramalised onion quiche, potato salad, coleslaw and mixed salad.

Served three, loads left and cost about £4.70. Bargainous :)

Then we decided to tick the exercise box for the SECOND time in one day (woodland walk at the Tram Museum was the first) and wander along the canal to try and get some photos.

This time we had a cunning plan – bread.

Man enticed the ducks, moorhens, geese, waders and swans into the beautiful evening sunlight with bread and I sat on the floor and took photos.

I think I’ve got some reasonable shots.

Double trouble.

I love these two little moorhen chicks. They are both looking at Man to see where he is going to throw the next bit of bread.

And the ducklings were soooo cute.

And Man found a friend. A Canadian Goose we called Lucy.

He had her literally eating out of his hand :). He’s such a charmer.

Lucy loves Man.


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