The Devil’s twisted work

St Mary’s Parish Church, Chesterfield.

Had such a lovely day yesterday.

After moaning about the rain, it brightened up for the first day of my holiday and we headed to Chesterfield to see the famous twisted spire.

The Church of St Mary’s, Chesterfield Parish Church is the largest church in the county of Derbyshire. Bigger even than the cathedral in Derby.

But the big attraction is the twisted spire.

The lovely little historian at the nearby museum said the church was built in 1234 and nothing was mentioned of the twisted spire until the 1700s. He reckons it was the lead that was put on the roof around that time that expanded and contracted in the sunshine and made the spire twist.

A modern stained glass window showing the industrial history of the town.

One legend says though, that the devil flew over the church, heard the church bells and was in such a hurry to get away that his forked tail caught the spire, twisting it as he made his escape.

Another says that a pure woman got married in the church and this was such an unusual occurrence that the spire twisted to see this woman. If ever another pure woman gets married in the church, the spire will twist back.

I like this legend best.

The church also has some lovely stained glass windows.

I think I shall make Chesterfield the subject of my next hubpage.

It was also the fourth National Armed Forces Day yesterday and there was a parade through the town and Chesterfield is a really busy market town with markets four times a week.

Near the market, which has been in the same place since Norman times is The Shambles. Little alleyways with overhanging houses lining either side.

There are some in York called the same thing too.

A bloody history.

The little man in the museum said Shambles is short for Flesh Hambles – the tables that were used for butchering animals before they were sent to market.

I find the origins of words really interesting.

We also stopped in a little pub and sampled a glass of Chocolate and Chilli beer! It was amazing.

You could smell the chocolate before you got the glass to your mouth and the taste of the chocolate in the beer was immediate. When you swallowed you got the kick of chilli. Incredible, really different, but it does give your belly a bit of a kick too.

It really was a lovely day. I got some nice photos, loads of info for a new hubpage and we had lots of fun and spent some bubble time together.

  • Bubble time definition: time spent together, just the two of us, with no outside interference from variables.
  • Variables definition: Anyone or anything that interferes with quality bubble time.

The Twisted Spire.

Today we are heading off to a tram museum and a memorial service for the Sherwood Foresters.

That’s if Man can stop playing Angry Birds on facebook. Man’s older brother has recently joined Facebook and has started playing Angry Birds.

Now Man is 46, Man’s brother is about eight year’s older. Give them a game, though, and you’d think they were kids again.

Man has just discovered that Brother has not only beaten his score on several levels, he has posted bragging notes to rub it in.

He is now muttering about cheats and smugness and bad gamesmanship and I don’t think we are going to be going anywhere until he has beaten big bro’s scores.

Sibling rivalry lol – something that never dies.

  1. I really like this post. I almost feel like I’m there too (think envious here) Thank you for taking the time to share your journey. Especially since you are going for as many “bubble time” moments as possible. Oh I would really like to try a glass of that beer!

  2. Thanks :) … the beer really was amazing and it’s such a lovely little town (good company helps of course :) )

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