Woo hoo, I’m on holiday

Unidentified purple flower.

Yay … two weeks off work.

… and guess what? It’s raining. My iPhone is currently informing me that, other than tomorrow, it’s going to rain all week.

Mind you, yesterday it told me that it was going to be sunny today. It lied, it’s raining (and my iPhone has now changed its mind about today – maybe somebody stuck their head out of the window and got wet).

Now how am I going to get some decent photographs in this weather??

It was busy at work yesterday, and I’m sure there are loads of things I forgot to do but I’ve brought my laptop with me so I’ll probably log on at some point.

Then I went off to the dentist, had the rest of my fillings done. And, he fixed the tooth he was going to extract. No mad Eastern European Hilda this time, I think she’s been ousted to other duties.

The only problem I had was that he used so much anesthetic that my face was still thawing out as I drove up to Nottingham. Trouble was as my nose started coming back to life, I started having sneezing fits. Hugely inconvenient as you are driving in heavy traffic on the motorway.

I haven’t seen stepdaughter to be yet, so there haven’t been any fireworks. I think she’s keeping out of my way.

So the plan is that  Man and I stay up this part of the country for a week or so, next week we will return together down south to my house.

We were toying with the idea of going camping on the North East coast. There have been flash floods up the coastline, maybe that’s not such a good idea.

Well, whatever we decide to do, I need to have my camera with me at all times. I need to get some more photographs for submission and do some work on some hubposts.

Today we plan to go to Chesterfield. The devil bent the spire of the church there (well according to legend). And they have a fabulous market and I do love markets. Tomorrow … well perhaps a tram museum and a memorial service to the Sherwood Foresters at a beautiful location in the Derbyshire Dales.

I plan to chill, take photos, go exploring and have a lot of fun spending two whole weeks with Man.

Wow, it’s taken me so long to write this, the sun is coming out :)

  1. I think there’s a conspiracy regarding whoever reports the weather. They are all chuckling somewhere about how people make plans according to the “accurate” weather reporting just to have it all go south when the sun doesn’t shine after all. I hope your mouth is doing better. Good luck enjoying your vaca’shun!

  2. It looks like Bittersweet; a member of the Nightshade family. Enjoying reading the blog BTW.

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