If at first you don’t succeed…

Smelly dog was rejected.

Well my submission to the stockphoto agency was turned down … but actually, I’m pretty excited about that.

I logged on to the website last night to see the words ‘I’m sorry, your submission was not selected at this time’.

What I hadn’t realised was that it was an all-or-nothing thing. Every single one of the ten photos had to make the grade.

Seven didn’t … but three did and this has given me great hope. Some of my photographs are good enough.

And, there was actually good feedback on those that didn’t make the grade.

Smelly dog here, was not liked at all. Their experts didn’t like the lighting, the point of focus or the cropping/composition of the picture. They did, however, like a picture of Stanely, one of some barbed wire and the reflection of reeds in the pond.

There was advice on why the photograph had been rejected and, with all of them, when I looked at what they were saying, I could see their point.

So actually, this is a really positive thing, not as positive as them all being accepted, obviously.

But this gives me hope. I wasn’t dismissed out of hand, some of my photography does make the grade and I already have other pictures that I can submit.

One drawback, I’m limited to one submission of ten photos per month, so I can’t submit another batch until July 24.

That does, however, give me plenty of time to work harder at getting them right.

I have two weeks off work from Friday and I’m going to take every opportunity to go out with my camera.

I’ll keep on plugging away until I get it right.


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