Things I have learned/achieved this week (week 4)

A sunny place :)

It has been another good week. Busy, but then I’m usually busy … just sort of got used to it over the years.

Today is my gorgeous daughter number 1’s 22nd birthday.

I don’t feel old enough to have responsible adults for children (perhaps that’s partly because I don’t feel like a responsible adult).

I’m very proud of my two daughters. They have been through a lot. They haven’t had the most conventional upbringing or the most settled family life. But they are amazing.

They both have good jobs, they have never been in trouble with the police, they are articulate, intelligent and well-groomed but most of all they are lovely people and they are lots of fun.

I think we have a great relationship and they have the most incredible relationship with each other. They are each others best friends.

Happy birthday gorgeous (she’s already claiming she’s 18 because she feels old – last year, her sister bought her an inflatable zimmer frame just to reinforce her great age!!).

And so on to my round up of achievements and failures this week. It’s not been a bad week actually.

Yeah, yeah, it’s another duck.

The positives:

  • I got my camera cleaned and returned to me. The little man did a great job and only charge me £67.
  • My driving licence has been returned and is now legal for the next decade. I can now prove I am who I say I am.
  • Because my licence was returned I was able to submit my first selection of photographs to the stock photo agency for consideration. I am awaiting a decision from them (and am actually quite nervous about it).
  • I submitted my first article to the hubpages site and have some ideas for more.
  • I signed up for the Google Ads thing – if people read my articles and click on the ads, I get paid.
  • I have sold another item on eBay and have 100% positive feedback.
  • I have met a mad dental nurse that I call Hilda in the process of having my teeth fixed (two appointments down and two to go).
  • I have finished (bar one) all the annual reviews of the staff at work in time for the Friday deadline (first time ever that I’ve done them on time).
  • I now have more than 60 followers on here – thank you, that’s amazing :)

The negatives

  • My hub has had no visitors and therefore generated no money. But it’s early days and I need to do a lot more work on it.
  • I told stepdaughter to be a few home truths about the way she treats Man and she promptly deleted me as a friend on Facebook. That’s no great loss to be honest but I am going to Man’s on Friday for 10 days and that could make for an uncomfortable week. We will wait and see.
  • I am going to be really, really busy for the next few days and will be unlikely to be able to get out with my camera.
  • I appear to have mislaid my tent (seriously, how can you lose a tent) and Man and I want to use it next week to get away for a few days.

So, once again a good week – four out of four positive weeks, I feel I have achieved a little more each week.

Onwards and upwards.


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