Water off a duck’s back

Water off a duck’s back (or front)

Stepdaughter to be had a fight at college yesterday!

She’d had a row with the friend she’d moved in with (and been kicked out by).

She claims the other girl started it and pulled her hair. That’s no excuse.

Frankly, stepdaughter to be could have a row with a paper bag and it would be the bag’s fault.

And I know it should be water off a duck’s back to me but it isn’t.

I hate the way she shows no respect for her dad, I hate the way everything revolves around her or she throws a tantrum like a toddler might, and I hate the way she thinks its ok that she has anger issues and uses it as an excuse, rather than doing anything about it.

She learnt at a very young age that if she wants something all she had to do was have a hissy fit.

She messaged me on facebook last night, so I told her. I told her she needed to treat her dad with more respect, get herself up for college, behave herself, tidy up after herself and stop demanding money from her dad and getting him to do errands for her.

I doubt she’ll listen.

The trouble is I have met Man, whom I love dearly and want to spend the rest of my life with. He comes with baggage (as do I) but the baggage is constantly causing trouble and getting in the way.

Peace and tranquility. 

I went to work yesterday and did five annual performance reviews before heading off to the dentist.

Hilda (the mad middle-aged Eastern European dental nurse from last week) had been banished to another surgery and in her place was a very charming Nepalese dental nurse.

Fillings were duly inserted without last week’s shenanigans and all was good. I have another appointment on Friday afternoon.

Daughter number two and her boyfriend invited me to go feed the ducks last night so we went for a walk. I was surprised at the invitation because I didn’t think the boyf had forgiven me for saying that I’d never go shopping with him again :).

I took my camera. The light was lovely. I quite like the picture of the duck above. and I got a handful of shots that I was pleased with.

I’m looking forward to having a couple of weeks off so I can spend more time taking pictures.

A walk around the lake.

And maybe also I can do some more writing.

I’m beginning to resent work for getting in the way of the rest of my life.

And I suppose I am also beginning to resent stepdaughter to be because I feel she is also getting in the way of the rest of my life.

But I have to remember I am the grown up in this relationship and she is still and angry child.

If I don’t try to help her – not by backing down to her all the time, but by trying to give her adult guidance – then I am just as selfish as I accuse her of being. It’s hard being involved with other people’s children.


  1. nikkix2 said:

    Wonderful,,wonderful pictures!!! No advice about the stepdaughter,,,except I think your doing the right thing. I hope you will post a few times during your holiday!

    • Thanks Nikkix2 … on both counts … and yes, I’ve got used to posting every day now :)

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