Keeping my fingers crossed

Morning Stanley.

Well I finally bit the bullet and submitted some photos to the stock photo agency Shutterstock for consideration.

And now I am as nervous as hell to see whether or not they are accepted.

The criteria are quite strict and the quality needs to be really good and I am just not sure the ten pictures they asked for as an initial submission are going to make the grade.

I shall be waiting on tenterhooks until the end of the week to see if any of them are accepted.

If they’re not, hopefully I will get some feedback on what I have to improve to make the grade.

As I’ve said before, this isn’t a get rich quick plan.

I was reading an article in a photographic magazine a couple of weeks ago and the author reckons he made about £1,200 a month from this one agency.

But he has been doing it for years, is a professional photographer and has a library of about 1,000 photos on the site.

This is yet another work in progress. We’ll see how it goes. Fingers are crossed.

Now today the light is perfect, it’s a beautiful day and I would love to grab my camera and head out into the wide blue yonder.

Sadly, despite it being my day off, I have to work.

Annual Performance Reviews are due at work. I have nine of them to do by Friday and I’ve done two so far so I’m working this morning to get some more out of the way. I also have dental appointments today and Friday afternoons so instead of having a day off today, I am having the afternoon off today and Friday.

And then I am off for two whole weeks woo hoo. Heading up to Man’s house on Friday and then we will come down here for the second week. I am so looking forward to it.

The gorgeous daughters and I visited their grandparents yesterday. It is good to be able to do that. We had little contact with them between my ex husband being released from prison and his death a couple of months ago.

It is good to be able to renew our relationship with them, even though it is through such sad circumstances.

My former father in law shares a birthday with daughter number one. They were glad to see us. I took some family photos, because we haven’t had any for three years. They all looked so happy.

And there is a minor bidding war on my latest eBay item. It is up to £5 with a full day left to go.

More money for the pot. It’s adding up slowly but surely.


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