My camera’s back :)

Reeds reflecting.

Yay I’ve got my camera back :)

And the lovely little camera man only charged me £67 instead of £78. He’s a very nice man.

Stanley wouldn’t pose for me this morning so I took myself off to Wyndham’s Pool to see what I could find.

The answer was not a lot. I should have gone back to the lake. There are always lots of birds around to entertain me there.

Daughter number one turns 22 on Wednesday and I have no clue what to buy her.

The font of all knowledge (daughter number 2) also sadly has no idea.

So the two of us are off shopping this morning to try and find some inspiration.

I gave up buying her clothes years ago (unless they came with a recommendation from daughter number 2). Apparently my tastes are not compatible with hers!

I understand that. I don’t want my mother buying me clothes either.

She’s thinking of buying her own house though and, although when you have had a home for a few years you wouldn’t want cutlery for a birthday present, when you are setting up your first home, presents like that can be quite exciting.

No, really, they can (can’t they???).

Oh well, I shall wait for advice from she who knows everything (that isn’t sarcasm … she really does know loads).

More yellow flowers.

What I actually want to do is go out with my camera.

I HATE shopping.


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