Smile … you’re at the dentist

Sun is shining again – even if it might be only briefly. Although the photo is an old one I took in Norway years ago. My garden doesn’t look like that this morning, sadly.

Yesterday started at the dentist, bright and early – 8am.

I had a very grumpy, middle aged dental nurse who sounded eastern European.

Now daughter number 1 is a dental nurse (I don’t go to her dentist because he’s very expensive and there’s something vaguely disconcerting about your daughter sucking your spit). I know she is friendly and professional at work though.

Now Hilda (probably not her name) was something out of a farce. This is what happened.

Dentist: Can I have some syringes please.

Hilda: They in drawer.

Dentist: No they’re not, can you get some please.

Hilda: They in drawer.

Dentist: No, they’re not.

Hilda opens the drawer with a crash and gazes at its emptiness.

Hilda: I put them in drawer.

Dentist: Well, they’re not there now, can you get some.

With much clattering of equipment and doors, Hilda stomps off, returns with the syringes and work begins on my fillings.

After the holes have been drilled, dentist wants the filling stuff made up to put into them. This is done in a little machine thing.

Hilda: It no fit.

Dentist: Pardon?

Hilda: It no fit in machine, it no work.

Hilda stomps off, crashing the door behind her and the dentist leans over me, puts the stuff in the machine and when Hilda stomps back, he is already sticking the stuff in my tooth.

Hilda: Where you get that?

Dentist: From the machine.

Hilda: It no fit, it no work.

Dentist: It does fit

Hilda: It no fit, I got more.

Dentist: It does fit, I’m using it now.

Hilda: How you do that?

Dentist: I followed the pictures on the front.

Hilda: No, it no work.

Dentist: I’ll show you later!

And all the time I’m sitting there opening wide with a mirror on a stick stuck in my mouth trying not to laugh.

I might be getting a car. Buying my company car. Lovely daughter number 2 has offered to lend me the money to buy it.

I know, this is the wrong way around, the teenager lending the parent the money to buy a car. But she always has been the grown up in our family.

My company car is due to be replaced but I like the one I’ve got. I need a car for when I do stop working there.

My tax will be better, my car has just had new brakes, a new catalytic converter, a new tyre, full service, a year’s MOT and a year’s tax. And they are offering it cheaper than I would get on the open market. I’m excited.

And my camera is ready. Woo hoo.

I said I would pick it up on Saturday but I think I will probably slope off from work for an hour and go pick it up today.

I’ve missed it.

  1. nikkix2 said:

    Hahaha funny story,,,I hoped the Dentist fired that woman,,or at least gave her a speaking to about her manners.
    I like how they are called “Dental Nurse” over there because that is essentially what they are,,and I will be if school ever starts,,lol.

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