Glass should always be half full


A picture of some pretty pink wildflowers that I don’t know the name of.

Man has gone home.

It’s raining again.

I had raging toothache all day yesterday.

I did nothing yesterday other than work (which was busy and I got stuck there for 13 hours).

Stepdaughter to be has been thrown out of the flat she moved into last week and is now moving back with Man!

I still don’t have my camera or my driving licence.

I’m fed up!!!

Right, that’s got that out of my system :)

I’m off for a dental appointment this morning, that should sort the toothache.

I can facetime Man and I am one day closer to going up to see him (when I actually have two weeks off work woo hoo).

I am also one day closer to getting my camera and my driving licence back.

We did so much of today’s papers yesterday, we should be fine at work today and might even make it out of the office at a sensible time.

Stepdaughter to be is going to have to learn to buckle down and sort her life out.

And as for the rain, I have an umbrella.

That’s called the power of positive thinking.

So let’s look at the pretty pink flowers (I have no clue what they are) and go and get ready for the dentist with a smile on my face.

Happy Thursday.

PS I dropped my iPhone down two flights of stairs at work yesterday and watched it ricochet from metal step to metal step before it landed at the bottom.

It has one tiny tiny small chip at the bottom of the screen but, other than that is working fine.

If I had broken it, I would have cried. My life is contained in that iPhone.


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