What I learnt/achieved this week (week 3)

Stanley’s wife gathering food.

One of the things I have learnt this week is that people like my family of sparrows.

So here is a picture of Stanley’s wife gathering food.

I like this one because her feet literally don’t touch the ground, she is so busy hopping about getting things done.

Sometimes this is me … sometimes I am just bone idle.

I took my beloved Nikon to the hospital yesterday for a clean and service. This means I am reduced to my iPhone for pictures for probably a whole week. Boo.

I like taking pictures on my iPhone (and I currently have 53 different photo apps on there, some of which are brilliant) but there is nothing like taking pictures with my lovely Nikon D50. It’s an old and trusted friend.

But I probably won’t get it back until next Monday.

Man goes home today. We have had a lovely weekend but it’s now back to facetime on the iPhone for 12 days until I go up to Nottingham again.

We went to the American sweetshop yesterday. I love it. Bought Churros mix and whoopie pie mix and candy corn and koolaid (for the stepson to be who told me there was NO strawberry koolaid in the UK – wrong) and Nerds (for daughters one and two and their boyfriends).

Anyway, here is this week’s list of achievements and failures.

The positives

My car is finally fixed. After a long, drawn out process, my car has a new catalytic converter, new brakes, a new tyre, a full service and a year’s MOT. You would not think this was difficult to obtain, but it truly was.

I have finally dropped my camera off for a service. I’m not sure whether this should appear on the negative or positive list. It is a good thing because it needed doing.

Man and I both sold more items on eBay. Less clutter, more cash. We both now have positive feedback – buy from us, we are trustworthy :)

I have done a lot of research about how we go about setting up a small business.

I have booked myself on to a small business workshop for July 23.

I am one week closer to getting my driving licence back and being able to prove I am who I say I am and submit photos to the stockphoto agency for consideration.

We had a brilliant idea which we are beavering away at in the background as our first new business venture.

I have more followers on here and on Twitter and I have set up a Pinterest account. Thanks everyone.

I have found so much useful information and support on blogs and elsewhere, it is really encouraging and spurs me on.

Money in the pot has increased to £168.47 … only £49, 831.53 to go. Woo Hoo.

My car is fixed.

I did do a little exercise.

I got a free gazebo.

I spent a lovely weekend with Man.

The negatives

This is going to be a long haul flight. We knew that anyway but I’ve got to try not to get disheartened about our little, slow baby steps. We are still moving forward, and it has been less than a month.

I have no more items selling on eBay … must sort out more.

I failed to sort my crap out to sell at a car boot sale and went along and bought somebody else’s crap instead. That is not the plan.

I still haven’t finished the first article for the hubpages site. That’s deffo a job for this week.

I no longer have a gazebo because the wind turned it into a mangled mess.

I have no camera for a whole week. I am upset by this. It’s like losing your glasses and not being able to see properly.

Overall, another good week. Way more good points than bad. Onwards and upwards, slow and steady wins the race.

Here’s another picture of Stanley’s wife just to finish off.

Stanley’s wife again.




  1. nikkix2 said:

    Have you thought of upgrading your blog and adding Word Ads,,,that’s another little way to make some money,,that’s what I’m going to do :)

    • Oooh, now how do I go about doing that? That’s a great thought. Any idea where i can find some more info?

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