I have moments of brilliance … and stupidity

Well, in reality, the title of my blog is nothing new for me.

Let’s start with the stupidity.

Yesterday was Father’s Day. And I remembered IN ADVANCE. This is quite a new thing.

I always remember Father’s Day, my dad is brilliant. But I am the sort of person who buys a Father’s Day card and present as I am on my way to deliver it.

This year I bought the card weeks ago. I found it in a little card shop and loved it. I also bought his present weeks ago.

Man and I had been invited to my parents house for lunch yesterday and all I had to do was write the card.

I’m an idiot!

This is what I wrote!

As I went to put the card in the envelope Man said ‘You just wrote Happy Birthday’. ‘Oh bugger, did I?’ I replied.

I then had to squeeze a disclaimer in between the lines! I’m so stupid.

Anyway, to the moment of brilliance.

Man and I think we have come up with a business idea. It’s simple, it’s brilliant and involves going into the greetings cards/postcard business. I’m not going to tell you specifics (yet) but watch this space.

I have also booked myself on to a FREE one-day business start-up workshop on July 23 and started seeking quotes from printers for greetings cards and postcards. I also researched how to set myself up as a sole trader (while still working full time)

I’m really quite excited about it. Couple more weeks and I may be able to reveal all.

And the most exciting news (for me anyway) is Dory’s World has topped 50 followers (in fact there are 51). Thank you, thank you. I’m very proud :).

Here’s another picture of Stanley from the weekend. Trying to stop a rival sparrow landing on his roof.

Happy Monday.

Not on my roof!

1 comment
  1. nikkix2 said:

    Wow,,,51 followers,,your beating me, I have 33, Good on you:)
    I love Stanley, I always giggle when you call him a sparrow,,here in Canada we call them
    Chickadees,,,have you tried to feed him? At the cottage they actually will come sit on your hands and eat
    shelled sunflower seeds.
    Can’t wait to learn about your upcoming venture!

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