One step at a time – this is very cool

One step at a time.


Haha … been playing around with that iPhone app – the DMD panorama one and this amused me no end.

The app has a yin and yang symbol on the screen that you match up to take the next shot.

One of the pictures Man took for some reason reminded me of those whole school photos that used to be taken.

If you were standing on one end and were very quick you could have your photo taken at one end of the line and then dash round the back to the other end and be pictured again.

So we tried it with this.

Before I moved the phone to match the yin and yang symbols, I got man to move sideways, then when the frame reached him he was pictured again. So in this one continuous photo, I have Man (the same man) five times.

This amused me so I thought I’d share.

You can get the app for android too.

Mine was free but it’s listing as 69p now.

You can also do normal panoramas … but this didn’t entertain me so much, and I do like to be entertained.



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