Easy come, easy go

The Surrey Hills.

Now this might look like a pretty scene of English countryside on a summer’s day, but actually it was blowing a gale (well almost).

The upshot is, I no longer have a gazebo.

My protection from the rain in my garden that took us about two hours to put up is now less a gazebo and more a mangled pile of metal poles and ripped plastic!

Man and I had a busy day yesterday. We went and posted my last eBay parcel, went to the railway station to buy his ticket home for Tuesday, and went to a car boot sale where I purchased one book, two pictures (purely because I liked the frames), some balsamic vinegar and some chorizo pate (yum).

Then Man had a great idea. A journey to the Surrey Hills to take some panoramic shots with the new iPhone app we have, It’s a free photo app called DMD, which makes it easy to take panoramic shots. Try it, it’s brilliant.

We then went for a stroll along the North Downs Way to take some more pictures and tick the exercise box for the day.


We walked for a couple of miles and I got a few shots I was pleased with. Man got some great panoramas with the new app.

We visited the Watts Chapel and  saw the amazing ceramic interior that makes the Chapel so special and then adjourned to an English country pub (yes, you have to … especially after a long walk in the countryside).

Then we popped into a local micro brewery to buy some samples of their beer, and to a little craft centre to get some ideas for future projects.

Came out brimming with ideas about what we could do with our talents.

Then we headed home.

Now after our long walk, we had worked up quite a sweat and were describing the howling winds as ‘a pleasant breeze to cool us down’.

By the time we reached home and discovered my beautiful gazebo broken and battered and tangled in the arms of the rotary washing line, we were back to describing is as ‘a howling bloody wind’.

So, my lovely gazebo lasted less than 24 hours and now needs to be taken to the dump. It’s a good job we didn’t pay for it, I would have been mightily upset if we had.

Roots and moss.

1 comment
  1. nikkix2 said:

    Wow, sounds like a wonderful day!! i can’t wait till I visit England and see some of those sights. Oh, and sorry about your lovely gazebo,,,we didn’t even get to see a picture, stupid wind :(

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