Shelter from the rain

Man singing in the rain

I have a gazebo in the garden.

Best of all, my gazebo was free.

Now I don’t need to stand in the rain with my umbrella in my dressing gown when I have a cigarette in the morning (yes, yes, I know I should give up smoking – it’s on the list of things to do).

This is a picture I took last year of Man with my umbrella in Brighton.

I had never been to Brighton and so I wanted to go. Man was sick with Man Flu, it was a freezing cold day in February, but we still went.

That’s the sort of selfish girlfriend I am (or the sort of selfless boyfriend Man is).

I was quite pleased with the photo anyway … and we did have a fun day.

Man brought the gazebo across London on the underground yesterday. Apparently he nearly took some woman’s eye out on the escalators! It was a free gift from a friend who didn’t need it any more. Free stuff is good.

Now, rain or shine, I can sit on my patio with my coffee and my computer as I love to do on mornings I’m not working.

It took us hours last night to figure out how it went together … but we put it up eventually and sat outside with candles on the table just chilling.

Today it is not raining as expected so we could have done the car boot sale, and I don’t really need a weather-proof gazebo, oh well.

Instead we are going to go along to the boot sale and see if we can find any bargainous purchases… and do a little bit of research on how much things sell for.

Ran into a few problems on eBay yesterday for the first time. PayPal had taken money from one of my buyers twice. She emailed me asking why. Well I didn’t know.

I had a little panic about what I was going to do about it and called customer services for eBay and PayPal before I managed to work it out. I’m pretty sure her money has gone back to her now. Well I hope so anyway, I don’t want any negative feedback.

I have just short of £40 in my PayPal account now and Man has about £20 … the pennies are starting to add up. We’ll make that £50,000 before the deadline.

Ooooh, and I found several interesting writing websites … fiction ones. More info to follow when I figure out what use they can be to me.

P.S. The Original Pranksters just keep on pranking in my house. Daughter number 2 found a picture of a random ginger-haired person in a magazine and took the huge picture apart that boyf of number 1 had installed and stuck it over his face.

This morning, random ginger person now appears to have pride of place over the face of daughter number 2 in a different photo.

I can see these shenanigans continuing for a long time.

  1. David said:

    Great photo – you’ll be pleased to hear it’s still raining in Brighton!

    • Thanks … it’s still raining in Surrey too :)

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