Man is on his way

Well almost.

He is catching the train down from Nottingham this afternoon to spend the weekend.

It seems like ages since he has been down here.

He calls my house his ‘country retreat’. Well I suppose it is countryfied in comparison to the city.

Long-distance relationships aren’t easy. We have managed to make it work, though I’m fed up with the distance now. Can’t wait for us to be able to live together.

We were going to go and do a car boot sale this weekend to raise some more cash for the pot but it looks like it is going to rain all weekend and I haven’t sorted any stuff out, despite saying I would.

We will have to find some other way of contributing to the Plan.

The Pot got a £3.78 bonus yesterday from the Co Op. The company sent me £3.78 in vouchers. As far as I am concerned store loyalty vouchers are free money – so it went in the pot.

And two out of four of my eBay items sold yesterday generating another £11.67. Now these may be small amounts but they all add up.

Man has sold two more items on eBay. More cash, more space, less crap.

My car went back to garage number 1 yesterday to have its brakes done. It has now had new brakes, a new catalytic converter, a full service, and an MOT.

When I went to collect it they said “by the way, it needs a new tyre, we aren’t authorised to do that” !!! Oh, good grief … looks like a trip to garage number 3 then.

I drove back to work and later, when I left, a colleague came up to the car window and said “I’m not sure how to tell you this, your brake light isn’t working.”


Do you know, before I took the car for its service and MOT last week I wasn’t having any problems with it at all.

Daughter number 1’s boyfriend was joking yesterday (because we’d put post-it notes all over his car) that he was the least favourite boyfriend. Evidence, he said was that Daughter number 2’s boyfriend had his photo in my lounge. (To be fair, number 2’s boyf has been around longer).

Number 1’s boyf then turned up with a present for me. It is a framed photograph of him and number 1, which he put on my wall. I think he rather overdid the frame :)

There’s a photograph in there somewhere!


1 comment
  1. nikkix2 said:

    Who’s ever heard of a garage that isn’t able to put a tire on a car? I bet when you go to garage #3 they try to sell the you the well m’am you really should replace all 4 tires,,for better mileage blah, blah.
    Nice to see you have garage crooks across the pond too :)
    I think your girls have cute bf’s, and it’s nice to see that you get along with them.
    Have a super wknd with the “man”,,,I get the house to myself this wknd as the ex and kiddo’s are going up to my family’s cottage,, but,alas,,,I also have to work!

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